In the kitchen of Christophe Michalak

In the kitchen of Christophe Michalak

It is in his two kitchen workshops fitted out by the Perene brand that Christophe Michalak, emblematic French pastry chef, receives the students of his already very famous Michalak MasterClass. A contemporary space where it offers all lovers of sweet treats a joyful and uninhibited vision of pastry. We open the doors to this place of meeting and exchange, experimentation and tasting.

A tailor-made kitchen

Letizia Le Fur It has been a long time since Christophe Michalak dreamed of a space where he could make the kitchen accessible while transmitting the taste of good and beautiful. A place where he would have the opportunity to explain the importance and the origin of the raw materials, where he would show the shortest way to obtain the excellence of a pastry shop. Perene therefore had to design a multiple kitchen: a place of meeting and exchange, of experimentation, of tasting… just like the overflowing creativity and the quest for simplicity of its owner!

The Michalak MasterClass 2

Letizia Le Fur To allow students of the Michalak MasterClass 2 to discover the variations around an emblematic dessert, traditional, modern, from France or elsewhere, the kitchen has been equipped with a large cooking and preparation island and with a custom Corian work plan. For the integration of refrigerators, freezers and ovens, a cabinet wall was also installed. Finally, to give a warm touch to the space, a line of low furniture, with a height of 41 cm, also enabled the creation of benches.

Worktop in Corian: an ode to elegance

Letizia Le Fur For this warm and friendly space, Christophe Michalak chose a Corian worktop. Imposing by its size, and yet so airy by its finesse, it is one of the "signature" elements of the Michalak MasterClass 2. Ideal for entertaining the public, this elegant material which is both easy to maintain, hygienic and functional finds therefore quite naturally its place in the kitchen.

The sense of the essential

Letizia Le Fur The Chef often compares his gestures to the movements of the martial arts, which he has practiced regularly and for a long time. This is what you feel when you discover the two Perene kitchen-workshops. Contemporary and refined, they adapt to its simple and elegant style.

The Michalak MasterClass 1: a culinary laboratory

Letizia Le Fur It is in this laboratory space that the World Pastry Champion performs the Fantasktik daily. Prepared in the morning and sold in the afternoon, the cake has the specificity of changing recipes every day, depending on the products available.

A star material, stainless steel

Letizia Le Fur To accentuate the laboratory effect, Perene has chosen to highlight stainless steel. To do so, the brand selected a work surface and a stainless steel facade that allow professional equipment to be integrated harmoniously: refrigerated towers, beaters, ovens, etc.