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Recreate a winter atmosphere

Recreate a winter atmosphere

Soft materials, soft plaids, raw wood ... put your living room in winter time! The days are shorter, you spend more time indoors, all the elements are there to transform your living room into a little cocoon.

A soft carpet

Leroy Merlin Walking on cold ground is not really pleasant. We put on a soft carpet with long pile to warm the room. Choose a sober color, in keeping with the rest of the living room to create a harmonious and warm decor.

Logs as a coffee table

La Redoute Natural and seasonal ambiance with these wooden logs used to form a coffee table. Real decorative objects, you can also adopt them as a bedside table or as a stool to give a very original touch to the room.

A woolen plaid

3 Suisses To stay warm in front of the television, one rolls up with pleasure in a large woolen plaid. Bet on this model with light colors and refined patterns that give it a very cocooning and modern spirit.

A wooden box

Aline Vilain Candy box, secret box, whatever its use, this solid oak box with sober and refined lines easily finds its place in a living room with a winter atmosphere. Placed on a coffee table or on a shelf, it offers a very contemporary spirit to your decoration.

A vase with clean lines

Bloomingville This Nordic style vase with geometric shapes brings a chic and modern touch to your living room. To give it a winter decor, you can for example garnish it with a few small driftwood branches.

A cozy sofa to curl up

Ikéa A must-have in the living room, the sofa turns into a cozy little nest in winter for reading, watching a movie or spending family time. We then put on a white fabric model on which we place cushions in light tones for a warm atmosphere.

Natural candles

Jardin Chic In a winter decor, we opt rather for soft and natural lights. In addition to a small fire in the fireplace, you can light the room with these pretty candles in the style of a cut tree trunk.

A knitted pouffe

La Redoute Comfort and modernity come together with this gray wool pouffe that warms the room. Its round shape softens the raw side of the thick mesh and invites you to relax.

Soft cushions

Isadecor Transforming your sofa into a cozy space requires a precise choice of accessories. Consider multiplying the soft cushions with noble materials such as wool, fur or cashmere to create a refined and calm decor.