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Nature & Discoveries: discover the brand's 25th anniversary collection

Nature & Discoveries: discover the brand's 25th anniversary collection

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To celebrate its 25th anniversary with dignity, Nature & Découvertes called on 25 designers to imagine 25 curiosities; from the fragrance diffuser to the butterfly beacon via the activity mat or the wooden hut. Do you want to be surprised? The editorial team offers you a trip to this unique and special capsule collection with these 10 photos taken during the anniversary press presentation of Nature & Découvertes.

Tree Candles by Elisabeth de Feydeau

Nose of renown, Elisabeth de Feydeau tells the forests she loves with these candles specially thought for Nature & Découvertes. Spirit of Sandalwood, Shards of Eucalyptus, Elk of Juniper, Elegant Cypress, let yourself be inspired ... 19.95 euros To discover in May 2015

Treasure Fish Playmat by Donna Wilson

Accompanied by several small travel companions: crab, pilot fish, calf, this fish-shaped activity mat promises a thousand sensory surprises for little ones. 99 euros To discover in April 2015

Apple Diffuser and Leaf Diffuser by Gilles Belley

With these two diffusers, Gilles Belley wanted to make room for nature in our interior. Imagined in ceramic for the Apple model and in birch for the Leaf model, they will slowly diffuse their sweet fragrance in all rooms of the house. Apple diffuser: 39.95 euros Leaf diffuser: 29.95 euros To be discovered in May 2015

The butterfly tag by Godefroy de Virieu and Stefania Di Petrillo

As soon as night falls in the garden, a solar beacon lights up to attract the butterflies who invite themselves inside this mesh of pierced tulle to let themselves be observed. Children, like the older ones, will love it! 29.95 euros To discover in June 2015

Food Truck by Alain Pineau

Since the food truck is a real trend among older adults, why not offer children this desire for freedom and resourcefulness. We love the pastel color, a touch of vintage, of this playground imagined by Alain Pineau who reminds us of California in the 70s. 149 euros To discover in September 2015

La Cabane by Godefroy de Virieu and Stefania Di Petrillo

What child has not dreamed of having his cabin to meet and let go of his imagination, or simply to create a little play or reading corner. The uprights of raw wood, held by elastic straps, have the additional advantage of deploying and storing easily. We adopt it! Limited edition Available from April 2015 on order

Honeycomb by Barsac

What a good idea to install a small bee house in your garden. To invite them from April to come and make their honey, a balm is applied to the entrance of this swarm designed in nonwoven thermotextile geotextile. We love ! 169 euros To discover in May 2015

Tea Cork teapot by François Bernard

This blown glass teapot reminds us of classic English models from the beginning of the 20th century. The little extra that makes us crack: the pretty cork shell, never twice identical, which makes each teapot unique. To discover in September 2015

Poultry Farm by Reine Mère

Ecological, easy to assemble, made of pine wood in the Jura, equipped with a recycled polypropylene roof, the chicken coop in kit imagined by Reine Mère will appeal to more than one city dweller in need of nature! The info in addition: 2 hens can enjoy a peaceful life. 179 euros To discover in April 2015


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