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Delimiting spaces: instructions for use in pictures

Delimiting spaces: instructions for use in pictures

Even if the rooms are open, it is often interesting to delimit each space according to the activities. On the other hand, in small areas, delimiting the spaces will help structure the room and better organize it. Here are some ideas for clearly delineating spaces in your interior.

A staircase

La Redoute The staircase furniture will not only allow you to store small decorative accessories but also to have some decorative objects to create a very original separation. Its staircase shape will allow a less abrupt separation.

A sofa to separate

Purpose To separate the dining area from the living area, the sofa is your ally! Indeed, by placing it back to the table, it will close the living room space by creating a kind of low partition. The space is demarcated visually but without closing the spaces.

Demarcate by color

Aviva To differentiate two spaces, you can use color. For this, choose a color for the kitchen and a second for the dining area. The contrast will then give the impression that there are two rooms.

A kitchen island

Schmidt To separate the kitchen space from that of the dining area, you can use the kitchen island as a sort of bar in order to close the space without closing it.

A bench as a separation

Ikea To separate two spaces from the same large room, in a studio for example, you can for example choose a bench which will allow you to put down a few books but also to delimit the space visually.

Delimit with a carpet

Ikea To visually separate the living room space from that of the dining room, you can use a carpet that will materialize the living room room. Choose a graphic pattern for a stronger effect.

A recess to install a room

Ikea If you want the activities to be well defined, you can place a room in a recess. This will work particularly well for the kitchen or a small TV room as there is no need for a lot of space.

Furniture as delimitation

Purpose To delimit the space of an office in a living room for example, you can bet on the furniture. Use two identical pieces of furniture on both sides to mark out the office space and create a work bubble.

A different soil

Purpose Finally, if you want to visually delimit two different rooms open one on the other, consider choosing two different floors such as tiling and parquet. Thus, your rooms will seem to have their own identity while being in the same space.