Visit of the Jungle Karlostachys garden

Visit of the Jungle Karlostachys garden

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Let it be said, the "Jungle Karlostachys" garden is not quite a "jungle" for European tourists, which you would visit at your convenience, following a botanical markup along beautifully drawn paths. To start, it is quite possible to pass in front of this garden without noticing it, as he took the decision to stay wild. This is why the owner of the place does not hesitate to add topographic information - "between the farm of Beaumont and the archaeological site" -, to ensure that its visitors will arrive safely. Here we are. Boots are a must, a touch of adventurous temperament as the visit takes immersion in the wilderness. We left for 1h30 of discovery, in the wake of Charles Boulanger who himself ensures the visits, inexhaustible on his protected brought back from exotic lands. We are dealing here with a traveling botanist, who sows where others plant and who watches growing where others prune and maintain. Here, it is wasteland, the jungle in short, with the decision to let nature fend for itself. The result is a spectacle of rare authenticity, to catch a glimpse here in pictures.

Karlostachys Jungle Garden

Karlostachys Jungle Garden Here, no botanical route, nor marked path. However, the plants are not there by chance and each of them is known to the owner of the garden.


Karlostachys Jungle Garden While in the undergrowth there is green and darkness, what a magnificent spectacle than that of this flowering clearing of Hedichiums!

Karlostachys Jungle Garden

Karlostachys Jungle Garden In this garden, phytosanitary products have no place. Botanical species are integrated into the local ecosystem, each of which must then find in it the resources to thrive.

Giant bamboo

Jardin Jungle de Karlostachys Through his collection of 300 species, Charles Boulanger offers bamboos for all tastes: reds, blues, blacks, stripes, squares, spotted…

Cardiocrinum giganteum yunnanense

Karlostachys Jungle Garden The garden can only be visited by appointment for a 1.5 hour botanical discovery, led by our traveling gardener in person (Charles Boulanger, not pictured).

Eucalyptus perriniana pendula

Jardin Jungle by Karlostachys Even if green is the dominant shade of the garden, many nuances are perceptible to the attentive eye, like here the beautiful bluish foliage of this eucalyptus.

Hedychium ellipticum hybrid

Karlostachys Jungle Garden Hedychiums abound here, with around 130 varieties acclimatized (Luna Moth, Raffillii, Tai Conch Pink…).

Karlostachys Jungle Garden

Karlostachys Jungle Garden A wide variety of foliage intertwines, from the land of the undergrowth to the confines of the peaks, culminating in giant redwoods and bamboo.

Karlostachys Jungle Garden

Karlostachys Jungle Garden Left to their own devices, the plants quickly form interlaces which benefit the local fauna, from the muscardin who will not sulk his pleasure running under the carpet of leaves, to the butterflies (12 listed species) which will forage for unknown varieties of their ancestors.

Magnolia officinalis

Jungle Garden by Karlostachys Blooming magnolia officinalis: a goldsmith's work!