The walls have their say!

The walls have their say!

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It is said that walls have ears but you should know that they can also express themselves thanks to their patterns. Thus, there are many wallpapers that offer walls to speak through letters, words and sentences that adorn them.

Scraps of words

Tracy Kendall On this very graphic wallpaper, it is bits of newspapers or books that have been cut out. So we cannot distinguish words or sentences but only scraps. The result is enigmatic and very original.

Hand writing

Tracy Kendall To give a real soul to your walls, this wallpaper uses handwriting to decipher from top to bottom of the wall. Love letter, fantastic news? It's up to you to decipher the mystery of these lines.

Classic letters

Tracy Kendall To give a new dimension to your walls, you can choose this model of wallpaper which distils pretty sentences in English in a very classic writing in italics.

A graphic wallpaper

Tracy Kendall This wallpaper will bring a lot of originality to your wall thanks to words without cut but which present very different typographies and sizes so that some words stand out while others are more discreet. A wallpaper to decipher.

A wallpaper like a book

The Collection So that your walls become a novel to read, we put on this wallpaper where the pages of books follow each other to tell a real story. The wall is original and intriguing.

Children's wallpaper

A3P Because children also have the right to walls that tell stories, we can bet on this model which uses very graphic words that are sure to energize the room.


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