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46 meters of books in a small Parisian duplex

46 meters of books in a small Parisian duplex

By buying this pretty 55m² duplex for which they had a crush, the owners had only one constraint: to bring in their books. Keen on literature, they have no less than 46 meters of books collected. It's well known, when you love, you don't count! In charge of decorating the apartment, Tony Lemâle, architect and interior designer, therefore had the task of integrating them into the space without losing space. After three months of work, the apartment presents an incredible library specially designed for the occasion. Zoom on this extraordinary achievement or literature and decoration have never been so good.

Bright colors in the living room

Agence Tony Lemâle In the living room, the bright colors explode with an orange coffee table and a purple pile carpet, which gives the impression of a cozy cocoon. A contemporary decoration where square tables are added to oval chairs and round cushions.

A kitchen open to the living room

Agence Tony Lemâle Far from the bright colors of the living room, the open kitchen has been kept identical. For more sobriety, it evolves in white and neutral tones. A nice contrast that allows you to mark spaces with color without delimiting the floor.

The staircase leading to the bedroom

Agence Tony Lemâle All dressed in white, the staircase leading to the bedroom and the bathroom is also original. Behind him, we can see some of the books and an optimized storage space. We like the choice of placing the books with colored covers here, in order to match them with the red armchair and the colored table.

Light on the books!

Agence Tony Lemâle In the evening, the studious atmosphere gives way to a colorful and festive atmosphere with this play of light on the ground. A luminous scenography which highlights the collection of books.

A monumental library

Tony Lemale Agency Zoom on this monumental library, whose grandeur is revealed at each step. The red colored plates bring a decorative dimension to this furniture, originally, purely functional. To increase the feeling of grandeur, Tony Lemâle thus played on the horizontal and vertical lines. Finally, storage space has also been created in the attic space to optimize space.

Books as a link between the two floors

Tony Lemale Agency The link between the two floors? Books of course! On the bedroom side, the library continues and seems to climb to the ceiling. Clever, it optimizes space and takes advantage of the attic to store all the pocket books. Built-in, the radiator fits perfectly into the space that seems to be dedicated to it.

A two-tone wall near the bed

Agence Tony Lemâle On the other hand, books are also present! The decoration is more sober with little furniture and colors in order to enhance the works. The little extra: the two-color white and taupe wall that will energize the space.

A bedside library

Tony Lemale Agency No need for a bedside table next to the bed, the library does it and reserves a little space for decorative items and alarm clocks.

A bathroom next to the books

Agence Tony Lemâle A few centimeters from the library, the small bathroom reveals a shower that mixes small and large tiles and brings in light thanks to the velux window. More information on: