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Romanticism and chic attitude at the Angely hotel

Romanticism and chic attitude at the Angely hotel

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A love of a 22-room hotel has just grown in the 11th arrondissement of the Parisian capital, between the Marais and République districts. A place combining elegance and coquetry, a romantic atmosphere and a chic boudoir spirit, all baptized Hôtel Angely. Small guided tour.

"Céleste" room

Serge Ramelli ### As its name suggests, the "Céleste" bedroom reveals a poetic lightness that leaves you dreaming. His secret? Blue sky walls, a delicately veiled four-poster bed and an elegant padded headboard. We take place there for a dream…

"Dahlia" room

Serge Ramelli ### From the top of its superb very sculptural headboard, the Dahlia bedroom lights up in beauty. Aesthetics and design at the forefront.

"Gold" room

Serge Ramelli ### Entrance into the prestigious Gold room. Here, the oversized bed canopy and red passion color has something enticing. Perhaps he invites us to take a seat in this luxurious atmosphere wrapped in a soft carpet, black and gold wall fabrics and a padded bed…

"Velvet" room

Serge Ramelli ### How about spending one or more nights in this room rocked by cozy materials: carpet covering the floor, thick velvet curtains covering the windows and imitation leather headboard? We already dream of curling up there!

"Dahlia" room

Serge Ramelli ### Viewed from another angle, the Dahlia room reveals other light effects, under the bed and on the desk. They perfectly underline the intimate and subdued mood of the room.


Serge Ramelli ### Small detour via the spiral staircases, an essential passage to access the 22 rooms of the hotel. We love its walls lined with gold leaf which show us that here, the precious spirit never leaves us.


Serge Ramelli ### Crocodile skin sofa, large golden mirrors and thick velvet curtains make this lounge space an absolutely cozy place.


Serge Ramelli ### The chic tone of the hotel is set upon arrival at the reception, with in its center an elegant room with an ultra-feminine design, a sofa with voluptuous curves which seems to preside over the reception.

Angely Hotel

Serge Ramelli