A high-end weekend in Arcachon

A high-end weekend in Arcachon

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Enjoy the long beaches of fine sand, the blue water under the sun as you wander around the bay, then discover the town of Arcachon, named after this beautiful bay, its birth and its history under Napoleon III. You will then discover a seaside resort with a pleasant climate, where you can relax with your feet in the water, stroll watching the pinnace pass over the basin and taste the oysters. A top-of-the-range address book for a stay at the height!

South side hotel chbre3

Côté Sud Hotel "L'Africaine", "la Mexicaine", "l'Indienne"… In all, these are 8 exotic rooms decorated with care and finesse, with sea views and pleasant balconies for breakfast , offered by the charming Coté du Sud hotel. You can also take advantage of the hotel's restaurant, which is fashionable and renowned for its delicious cuisine.

Hotel ville d hiver arcachon chbre1

Winter Town Hotel Restaurant The Winter Town Hotel in Arcachon is an upscale address where you will undoubtedly find the elegance, refinement and sophistication that will seduce you. Distinguished 1950s colonial furniture, deep colors, calculated sobriety and total comfort.

Arcachon winter city hotel restaurant

Ville d'Hiver hotel restaurant You will also appreciate the bistro-style decor and the classic but tasty cuisine of the restaurant, as well as the wine bar and its organic wines.

Yamina Lodge

Yamina Lodge In an equally upscale style, the rooms offered by the Yamina Lodge guest house are based on modern design, a Zen and seaside atmosphere; something to completely relax, especially since the location of the cottage, at the tip of Cap-Ferret and in the heart of the pine forest, is exceptional.

Yamina lodge chbre2

Yamina Lodge Very light tones, wood and natural materials, light sails and fabrics, this room inspires serenity. It puts on a very Zen natural atmosphere conducive to relaxation, rest, fullness.

Yamina lodge chbre1

Yamina Lodge Sharper hues, predominantly green, a more contemporary spirit but above all many touches of exoticism will remind you of the islands and the tropics in this spacious room dedicated to relaxation and escape.

Restaurant le patio arcachon

Restaurant Le Patio Very close to the Arcachon bay, take advantage of the green and shaded patio of one of the best addresses in the city of Arcachon: Thierry Renou's restaurant. Refined decoration and creative and delicate gourmet cuisine for a guaranteed thrill for your palate!