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50 decor ideas for a black and white wedding

50 decor ideas for a black and white wedding

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Chic, contemporary, refined, the "black & white" trend has definitely not said its last word! Very comfortable in our interiors, she also knew how to seduce a good number of couples for the decoration of their wedding. The proof in pictures with our 50 decor ideas in black and white discovered on Pinterest. Let yourself be inspired…

Pop cakes to eat!

Style Me Pretty - I enjoy the little things in life

It's hard not to be seduced by these little pop cakes that strangely resemble the bride and groom. Why not install them everywhere to delight your guests? Sources: Style Me Pretty & I enjoy the little things in life

Customized glasses

DiAmoreDS - DiAmoreDS

With pretty ornaments and delicate ribbons, these wine glasses and champagne flutes are urgently needed for the D-Day table. Sources: DiAmoreDS & DiAmoreDS

Elegant feathers


Small white pearls topped with a pretty black feather, here are ultra-sophisticated place cards that are likely to charm more than one! Source: Liradesigne

A cocktail in the tone

Style Me Pretty

Blackberries and black and white straws, this is a cocktail that has melted into the black and white decor of this wedding! Source: Style Me Pretty

Black and white cupcakes

Rose Bakes - Aurélie Dursap

If you decide to offer cupcakes for dessert to your guests, no question of missing the theme! The black and white dress code is essential! Sources: Rose Bakes & Aurélie Dursap

Stretched sheets

Liba Fabrics - Weddings Pro Impressions

To make your reception look like a "princess wedding", don't be afraid to dare the stretched black and white sheets! Provided that it is well done! Sources: Liba Fabrics & Impressions Weddings Pro

Nice centerpiece

Belle the magazine

A row of white roses in the center of the table, all surrounded by black openwork candle jars, this is a no frills table perfectly in the theme! Source: Belle the magazine

Striped curtains

Pretty Little Things - Style Me Pretty

We are under the spell of these black and white curtains that make a sensation in the garden! Sources: Pretty Little Things & Style Me Pretty

White accessories

Style Me Pretty

To accompany this table runner and these napkins that respect the initial theme, we choose pretty accessories that invite you to travel in a single color: white! Source: Style Me Pretty

Black and white menus

Ruffled - Clémentine Derrepas

The famous menus written in chalk are obviously welcome during a wedding that wanted a "black & white" decor. Sources: Ruffled & Clémentine Derrepas

A black ribbon for flowers

Style Me Pretty

To fix this bouquet of white flowers nicely on this seat, it is obviously towards a large black ribbon that you must turn! Source: Style Me Pretty

White candles as table runner

Style Me Pretty

To give a little relief to this black tablecloth, a string of white candles has been installed to create an elegant table runner. Source: Style Me Pretty

Assemblies dressed in black

Brides - Cake Central

Original these mounted pieces which have been completely dressed in black! We love the white floral notes which give them a more chic than austere look! Sources: Brides & Cake Central

Popcorn cones in black and white

Kitchentravels - Amy Atlas

As an aperitif, you can for example offer salted popcorn to your guests, provided they are served in black and white paper cones! Sources: Kitchentravels & Amy Atlas

A themed candy bar

Best Day Ever - My Sweet Table

Do you want to install a candy bar in your reception room with a black and white theme? That's all you need to do to get it thrown! Sources: Best Day Ever & Ma Sweet Table

Knots on the plates

Gray likes weddings - Intimate Weddings

Plain or striped, the large knots made with the dinner napkins elegantly dress the plates. Sources: Gray likes weddings & Intimate Weddings

Striped balloons

Zsazsa Bellagio - Horsley Home

Glued to the ceiling or suspended from elements such as the table or chairs, these striped balloons inflated with helium will appeal to young and old alike. Sources: Zsazsa Bellagio & Horsley Home

Black balloons in place cards

Helt Enkelt

Another idea with balloons: to recall the very famous animated film Là-Haut, you can for example imagine your place cards with black balloons inflated with helium. Source: Helt Enkelt

Baroque mirror for the menu

Wedding Chicks

This pretty and large white baroque frame presents the menu to your guests as soon as they arrive at the reception site. Nice, right? Source: Wedding Chicks

Black and white delicacies

Boho Weddings - Souvenirs of a girl

Want to leave some treats to your guests? And why not these old-fashioned lollipops imagined in black and white? Sources: Boho Weddings & Souvenirs of a girl

Slates on the table

The Sparrows of the Bride - Maud Galliano

As a table set or to present the menu, we advise you to adopt slates on which you can write down everything that goes through your head with chalk. Sources: The Sparrows of the Bride & Maud Galliano

Black and white gift boxes

Sangmaestro - Exclusively Weddings

It goes without saying that the small gifts that you will offer to your guests must be presented in small black and white boxes. These are our two favorite models. Sources: Sangmaestro & Exclusively Weddings

Floral paper place cards


Easy to make, these paper place cards that look like small anemones are full of delicacy. Source: Ruffled

A checkerboard dance floor

Style Me Pretty - Southern Weddings

What a charm these checkerboard dance floors imagined outside! They bring a real more originality to your decor! Sources: Style Me Pretty & Southern Weddings

Striped ribbon for bouquets

Junebug Weddings

To keep these bouquets of white roses chic, use a ribbon with fine black and white stripes. Source: Junebug Weddings

A graphic placemat

Wedding Chicks

Graphic patterns are popular in our interiors, we do not hesitate to play with them on the wedding table with this set with black and white zigzags. Source: Wedding Chicks

Baroque mini frames


To put on the table to direct your guests, these small black frames of Baroque inspiration will harmonize wonderfully on an immaculate white tablecloth. Source: TheGarrettGroup

Small black and white bottles

Little big co

Difficult not to crack in front of these small bottles with black or white containers and ribbons and straws chosen in the same colors. Source: Little Big Co

Lace on the tealight holders

Little big co

To adorn this tealight holder mounted on a white wooden candle holder with romance, add a delicate black lace ribbon. We give 10/10 to the result! Source: Little Big Co

Branches with garlands of diamonds

Nina Coco - Style Me Pretty

After bombing branches and placing them in vases, all you have to do is install a garland of diamonds to add a little refinement to the whole. Sources: Nina Coco & Style Me Pretty

Pearls on the back

Every Last Detail

After the diamonds, it is the turn of white pearls to display themselves beautifully on the backs of these elegant black chairs. Source: Every Last Detail

Cowboy jars


Black and white yes, but cowboy version please with these custom glass jars! Source: PaintedMasonJar

A piano in the decor

Colin Cowie Weddings - Swooned Magazine

What could be more elegant and chic than a beautiful piano with black and white keys? We imagine it perfectly in the middle of the reception of a black and white themed wedding. Sources: Colin Cowie Weddings & Swooned Magazine

Large black knots

Classic Bride Blog - Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas

To dress up the chairs for your dinner with style, we suggest this easy idea: make big knots with black ribbons on the backrests. Sources: Classic Bride Blog - Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas

Material effect tablecloths

Maven Bride - Style Me Pretty

Satin effect or leather effect, do not hesitate to give a little relief to your wedding table by using black tablecloths with the desired appearance. Sources: Maven Bride & Style Me Pretty

Black and white napkins

Helt Enkelt - Burnetts Boards

Small dots or stripes, black and white has fun with the different patterns on the napkins! These are perfect on the plate! Sources: Helt Enkelt & Burnetts Boards

Black glasses

Style Me Pretty

What a good idea to use on its table of pretty glasses a retro strand in a transparent black color. WE love ! Source: Style Me Pretty

White on black

Style Me Pretty

Small black cards, first names written in white pen, it was enough to make place cards that meet the decorative desires of the newlyweds! Source: Style Me Pretty

A black and white menu

Style Me Pretty

Slightly slipped under the white towel, this menu printed on black cardstock perfectly meets the theme! Source: Style Me Pretty

Sweet marshmallows

100 Layer Cake - Table runner

As a placeholder or as a treat on the table, the white marshmallows go perfectly with other raven black accessories. Sources: 100 Layer Cake & Chemin de tables

Bottles for the occasion


With numbers to indicate the table or with small messages of occasion, these black bottles with elegant white writing will find a place of choice on the tables of the dinner of a wedding in black and white. Source: Lovefromhomeblog

Stripes from the table runner to the cake

Wedding Chicks

If the table runner is perfectly in the theme, what made us crack here is the cake imagined with white and black layers. We're a fan, aren't you? Source: Wedding Chicks

Striped chair pads

Elizabeth Anne Designs

In this wedding decoration, only the chair pads with black stripes create this "black & white" atmosphere. We like the result with subtlety. Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Touches of gold

Classy and Style - Style Me Pretty

To add a luxurious touch to your black and white table decor, don't hesitate to add a few touches of gilding with cutlery or candle holders. Sources: Classy and Style & Style Me Pretty

A cage filled with black and white feathers

Ephemeral Arts

To add a touch of originality to this table which has bet on black and white, we dare a small iron bird cage that we filled with feathers in the same tones. Source: Ephemeres Arts

A table runner made with photos

Bella the blog

This is a very unusual table runner! Photos of the bride and groom since their meeting, drawn in black and white and fixed together to create the decor! Source: Bella the blog

A mix of Chinese balls

Bianca C

Small and large, white and black, this sky of Chinese balls plays the game perfectly! Source: Bianca C

Black and white candles

A Fabulous Fete - The Glitter Guide

So that even your candles are in the theme, you can very well choose a black and white striped model. The result is surprising once they are installed on the table. Sources: A Fabulous Fete & The Glitter Guide

Outside: a black and white decor


In the garden too, there is no hesitation in creating a table decoration in black and white. First step: a striped table runner placed on a plain tablecloth. Second step: add black and white vases and candle holders. And that's the job! Source: Modwedding


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