A chalet atmosphere for winter to recreate at home

A chalet atmosphere for winter to recreate at home

To warm the house, we use a Scandinavian-inspired chalet atmosphere that will be perfect for spending the winter pampering. To help you create your mountain-style decor, we invite you to draw inspiration from a warm decor to imitate at home thanks to our decorative shopping.

White walls

Ikea For a chalet atmosphere that remains design, we adopt white walls which will serve as a backdrop for decorative accessories and which will enhance them. The modernized chalet atmosphere, we say yes!

A trompe l'oeil wallpaper

Rasch To set the scene, we adopt a strip of trompe l'oeil wallpaper that imitates wooden logs. So, you don't need to have a fireplace to offer you a few logs.

Faux fur stools

Fly To accessorize your living room, we put on stools that will give the warm atmosphere of the chalet. Then adopt raw wood and fake fur for a well planted decor.

A carpet for cocooning

Fly On the ground, we will put on a knitted carpet which will bring a lot of warmth and a cocooning atmosphere. We prefer it in white to keep a room clear and airy.

A destructured shelf

La Redoute For the design touch of the room that will modernize the chalet atmosphere, we adopt a destructured shelf with designer lines. For the chalet touch, you can add wooden boxes as in the inspiration photo.

Candles for the atmosphere

La Française candles As for decorative accessories, we scatter a few candles in the room to give a warm note and bring decorative touches that will dress up the space.

Some Christmas decorations

Remember And finally, since Christmas is approaching and it is a winter decor, we opt for some Christmas decorations that will end up creating a winter and friendly atmosphere.