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10 decorative accessories for Christmas

10 decorative accessories for Christmas

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It's almost Christmas ! So to put the house at holiday time, we adopt some thematic decorations that will give a warm and festive atmosphere to the rooms of the house. Discover 10 ideas in pictures.

Christmas as soon as you enter the house

Linvosges Why not put your house at Christmas time as soon as you enter? You will then adopt this doormat with pretty trees. The red color will not fail to add to the theme.

A paper tree

My Little Day For an ephemeral decor that does not lack style, we adopt a paper tree to unfold. Medium in size, it can be placed on a piece of furniture as well as the party table.

Winter candle jars

Houra Warm atmosphere guaranteed with these wooden candle jars and their star motif which will warm the house with a soft light.

A festive serving dish

VETRI DELLE VENEZIE To thematize your festive table, you can treat yourself to a Christmas-themed serving dish like this casserole dish which announces "merry christmas" in pretty golden letters.

Decorations to hang

Linvosges To decorate the house, you can adopt small fabric decorations that will give a traditional atmosphere to your Christmas decoration.

Classic Christmas balls

Remember To place on a table or a piece of furniture and of course for the Christmas tree, the balls are essential! We adopt beautiful brilliant models in a bright red.

A revisited nursery

Rock the Kasbah Why not marry tradition and modernity by betting on an original crib in total white look and in naive forms?

Festive cutlery

Saber For the festive table, we adopt cutlery with thematic patterns such as stars, angels and fir trees. In terms of colors, we choose red or green for a very decorative table.

A precious table runner

Alexandre Turpault And for a chic touch on the festive table, you can choose a table runner with some embroidered patterns like stars which will give a precious style to the whole.


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