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The poufs adapt to all your desires

The poufs adapt to all your desires

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Comfortable, space-saving and easy to store, the pouffe is a practical seat very popular in our interiors. Round, square, soft, hard, design or functional, the pouffe adapts to all our desires. Here is an overview of distinct styles.

A knitted pouffe

Fly ** Let's dare new materials! Our grandmothers' knitting is back in force to cover the beanbags. Not only do these seats wrapped in mesh invite us to take a seat, but in addition their round shape and their soft appearance bathe the room with softness. We almost forget the color! Red, plum, blue or black: the choice is yours. **

A chest pouf

Maison du Monde ** Here is a square seat practical and functional version. Indeed, this pouf is equipped with a chest to store all kinds of accessories discreetly. When the objects are heavy, it is possible to change the use of the pouffe so that you do not have to move it. For example, here we have a bedside table. The storage pouf can also remain a seat, provided that light objects are hidden there. **

Pouf, design and animal coat

Maison du Monde ** To emphasize the design or the character of a room, there is nothing like matching the pouffe with the furniture occupying the space. More than a practical seat, it becomes a real decorative accessory. Since the cowhide is chosen as a carpet, and the armchair and its cushion are covered in the same coat, the pouffe is no exception to the rule. **

Braided kubu poufs

Fly ** Between elegance and exoticism, here are round, square, cylindrical or bent poufs in braided kubu. Light brown or chocolate brown shade: the choice is yours! **