The wallpaper energizes the walls of the child's room

The wallpaper energizes the walls of the child's room

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To decorate and make original the children's room, the wallpaper has more than one trick in its bag! There are a multitude of original patterns that will create a real creative universe in the children's room. We have selected for you 10 wallpapers which will not fail to energize the walls of their room.

A wall of expression

Lutece Because little ones also have the right to express themselves, we offer them a wall of wallpaper entirely covered with words. Not only will the wall become very graphic but it will also be a good way to learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun way.

A forest on the wall

Ferm Living To bring nature into the child's room while giving a very decorative touch, bet on the Dotty wallpaper by Ferm Living which includes pretty little trees in a very soft yellow color.

Trains on the wallpaper

Ferm Living To give a very dynamic feeling to the wall, you can bet on the Ferm Living wallpaper which shows trains traveling on the wall surface. Little boys will love it.

Colorful stripes

PS International Nothing like stripes to give a feeling of very dynamic movement on the walls. We then put on a wallpaper with horizontal stripes in cheerful colors like blue and green.

Peas for girls

Rasch Little girls generally appreciate polka dots and all the more so if they are white polka dots on a pink background which will give a very girly style to the child's room while bringing a graphic touch to the wall.

Funny monsters

PS International For children with an overflowing imagination, we choose a wallpaper that sports very funny little green monsters. They are sure to bring the wall to life!

Cars for boys

Rasch For car lovers, we put on this wallpaper which uses different models of cars in a very graphic grid. The contrast of midnight blue / white color further energizes the wall.

A real decor

A3P Your wallpaper can also create an ambiance when used as a theater set. This model presents for example a tree with a view on the sky where rocket, paratrooper or plane travel.

Very girly stripes

Montecolino For girls, you can choose a very girly wallpaper that creates a patchwork of strips of different and very colorful wallpapers. The effect is very original!


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