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Succumb to 5 charming hotels in Les Baux de Provence

Succumb to 5 charming hotels in Les Baux de Provence

Provence, with its cicadas, its fragrant pines and its pretty colorful mas continues to seduce us! The region is full of breathtaking landscapes and very well preserved Roman remains. The hotels follow the trend by showing their finest attire: charming architectures, warm colors and shaded patios are the flagship of French hospitality. The editorial staff here presents 5 hotels with very different and no less surprising styles. The Fifti decorations confront Roman architecture while the cloisters and paved courtyards invite us to laziness. Demonstration in pictures.

The rooms of the Benvengudo hotel

Benvengudo A feeling of serenity emerges from the rooms of the Benvengudo Hotel, whose decoration is simple but neat. White walls, noble materials, refined atmosphere ... every detail contributes to calm and rest. From 135 euros

The image hotel

Image hotel Another hotel, another style! The image hotel surprises us with its unexpected decoration and design: the rooms, all different, offer retro furniture mixed with a few modern pieces. The accessories in vibrant colors awaken the neutral tones of the rooms, for a Mad Men atmosphere with a southern accent.

The image hotel terrace

Hôtel de l'image The dining room, located under a pretty green patio, invites you to indulge in indulgence. The owners have opted for a modern decoration in the rooms with very traditional common areas: an ideal place for a relaxing stopover or a sunny holiday. From 200 euros

The particular hotel

The Hôtel Particulier Located a few minutes from the city center of Arles, the Hôtel Particulier offers a relaxing and shaded setting. In addition to its outdoor swimming pool, this nicely restored gentleman's mansion offers a hammam and a luxurious spa.

The rooms of the Hôtel Particulier

The Mansion The rooms with the quaint charm of the Mansion have all been personalized, in order to allow customers to feel in a unique place. The high ceilings, the delicate fabrics and the lovely 19th century furniture bring a noble touch to the 17 rooms of this 5 star hotel with a resolutely classic style. From 289 euros

Le Cloître Hotel

Le Cloître Located in the heart of Arles, a few minutes from the Van Gogh museum and the main Roman monuments, the Le Cloître hotel offers a chic and neat atmosphere. The icing on the cake: the bar on the roof of the hotel offers a unique point of view to admire the Saint-Trophine church as well as the roofs of the ancient city.

The rooms of the hotel Le Cloître

Le Cloître A nice decorative surprise for this small hotel with 19 rooms imagined by the designer and architect India Mahdavi. Behind the small Roman-style entrance courtyard hides a concentrate of furniture and colors with retro and vitamin accents. From 125 euros

The Regalido Hotel

Villa Regalido The rooms of the Regalido hotel, with a simple but refined decoration, offer a beautiful space of rest in the heart of the Alpilles. With their breathtaking view of the Provencal countryside, they are a real natural favorite for holidaymakers looking for a romantic and sunny setting. Located 30 minutes from Avignon and 5 minutes from Les Baux de Provence, the hotel is ideally located for a peaceful stay while being close to the points of interest in the region.

The rooms of the Regalido hotel

Villa Regalido The 15 chic and cozy rooms of the Villa Regalido hotel are a clever mix of warm tones and natural materials. Love at first sight for bathrooms with a Zen and natural atmosphere, which make you want to immerse yourself in the sweetness of a hot bath. From 150 euros