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Paneling in all its forms

Paneling in all its forms

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With its wooden or PVC slats, thin or extra wide, varnished or rough sawn, natural or not: the paneling offers a multitude of options to energize the walls, which have become today the key to its success. Discover the different faces of this coveted coating with our 20 inspirations!


Lapeyre By choosing gray horizontal paneling for the lower half of the wall and white paneling for the other half, we created an impression of foundation. Softness and charm at will!

Seaside spirit

Lapeyre Very coveted in seaside decor, the bleached horizontal paneling brings a soft sea breeze into the house!

Chalet style

Lapeyre Visible grooves and natural wood color: through these rough paneled walls, you travel at altitude… The chalet spirit is not far away!

XXL PVC paneling

Lapeyre PVC imitates wooden slats. In the bathroom, this extra large version in white color invites a zen and natural look…


Lapeyre The paneled walls are also welcome to highlight the soft and tender world of children! We especially like this slightly gray version between nature and retro look.

Contemporary softness

Lapeyre Here, the paneling is made of thin and wide blades of very light wood that alternate to give rhythm to the wall. A bias that lulls the room with a soothing softness modern version.

Soothing white

Lapeyre Wood is the material of nature style par excellence, white is the color of softness and brightness. Together, they can only infuse space with a sacred dose of Zen attitude!

PVC paneling

Lapeyre Another example of a PVC paneling that imitates wood and each blade of which is separated from each other in a small metallic color, asserting an industrial decor style.

Thin blades

Lapeyre To accentuate the paneled look of the walls, we bet on thin strips of paneling placed sometimes horizontally, sometimes vertically. A movement game that stands out.

Completely original paneling

Castorama If you like wood and color, you will be delighted with this paneling in different colors. It retains the wood effect making us think of large planks of parquet studded on the wall, but it has color pigments that will make you forget the old mountain chalets.

Stylized paneling

Brico Dépôt We will not talk about patterns but on this paneling there is a spotted effect which changes from the traditional wood effect. The paneling has a pretty bluish color, suitable for a bathroom for example.

Paneling cubes

Castorama On the other hand, there we are really in extravagance. With this paneling placed in 3D, we have a puzzle wall (be careful with the installation). You must then be sure not to get tired of it!

Stone effect paneling

Leroy Merlin There are so many kinds of paneling that one could even imagine that it could give a stone wall effect. But in fact, it goes very well with this one. These three sections of different walls are a good tip for playing with materials.

Clear paneling and goes everywhere

Comptoir des bois With this paneling, you don't take any risks. Both in terms of style and color. It makes it possible to decorate a climb of stairs for example. Glued lengthwise, this enlarges the room in the blink of an eye.

Tile paneling

Leroy Merlin This paneling with a tile print breaks with the usual long wooden planks. In addition to being aesthetic, it is above all very practical on a daily basis!

Paneling in a kitchen

Meister The paneling is no longer intended only for mountain chalets. It is modernized and even fits into the kitchens. But if you choose to choose a light wood paneling to bring brightness to your space. Our tip: you can use the paneling halfway up a wall and finish the top with wallpaper.

The horizontal paneling

Here, we find the paneling placed horizontally to enlarge the room. The brown color of the painted wood brings warmth to this cozy and contemporary living room.

Bi-colored paneling

Maisons du Monde The wood effect is back in fashion, especially in industrial decor. Here, we mismatch the paneling (placed horizontally) and we obtain a play in the colors and shades of sanded wood. We can then play with the number of paneling strips to have an original optical effect.

The sea blue paneling

Maison du monde We are immediately lulled by seagulls in this spirit of a beachside bedroom. Thanks to its blue paneling placed vertically, you immediately imagine yourself in a pretty house on the Île de Ré.


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