Precious curtains for the home

Precious curtains for the home

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To give a chic style to your room, you can use curtains. Some models even play the precious card with shimmering materials and brilliant decorations. Here are 10 pairs of curtains that will highlight your windows.

Jewelry curtains

Leroy Merlin In this room with an enveloping decoration, the curtains contribute to the atmosphere with a slightly shiny fabric but above all a few sequins which give an almost jewelry style to these curtains which finalize the decor.

Metal curtains

The Design Lab Here, the curtains offer an original decor by adopting a light metal to replace the textile. The small metallic facets let reflect the light for a chic and elegant decor.

Curtains in chains

The Design Lab To change traditional curtains, you can bet on small chains that give a precious look to your windows. To top it off, a few diamonds slip into the decor.

Baroque curtains

Saint Maclou In a Baroque decor, precious curtains will be the highlight of the decor. We choose dark curtains in a glossy finish.

Textured curtains

Saint Maclou In this boudoir-inspired room, the curtains play the card of texture by offering silver shades that bring a touch of sophistication to the decor.

Curtains with rhinestones

Castorama In this feminine bedroom, the curtains set the scene with a pattern made of rhinestones. The curtain is then a decorative object in its own right in the style of the room.

Openwork curtains

Lily Latifi Here, the curtains become true works of chic art thanks to an openwork fabric which brings light into the room. The peas then become jewelry lit by the sun.

Matt metal effect curtains

Portobello In this room, the curtains offer a metallic trompe l'oeil effect with a chic and masculine matt aspect. Your decor will then be design and daring.

Curtains with metallic stripes

La Redoute With these curtains, you will obtain a more classic but nevertheless very sophisticated decor thanks to stripes which offer a metallic finish in several colors.