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10 posters we dream of hanging at home

10 posters we dream of hanging at home

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We love them alone or with many others. We are of course talking about posters that have been in the spotlight in our interiors for some time. Graphics, fun, practical and colorful, we love them for the good humor they instill in our decor. Discover our 10 favorites without further delay!

Retro spirit

Handz We love the retro posters of the Czech artist ReStyle who takes us on a journey to the 1950s. Old orange Vespa, old video game consoles, pop crockery, you will fall in love! 18.46 euros

Walk in the air

Soldshop Original this little hot air balloon with clean lines! As for its orange color, it will not fail to bring it to the foreground where it will be installed. 45.82 euros

Sea trip

Michellecarlslundshop With this sailor with a pretty red beard and a white beret, easy to give character to our decor. WE love ! 26.75 euros

A corner of greenery

Ohmyhomegallery You don't have a green thumb? And if you add a touch of nature to your interior with this poster with cactus prints. Sure they will have their little effect with their pretty graphic pots! 12 euros

For adults and children

Sarah & Bendrix We love this pretty poster where two drawing bears pose. In the bedroom for the little ones as in the living room for the older ones, it will find a special place. 18 euros

Climb the mountains

Oelwein We are under the charm of this pretty poster where the mountains are aligned in a graphic way and in very bright colors. We can imagine it on the buffet in the living room to wake up the atmosphere! 19 euros

A cute fox

Seventytree When choosing your posters, don't forget the children! This funny looking little fox will be just as good in a little girl's room as it is in a little boy's room! 31.85 euros

A little message

Sarah & Bendrix Note that message posters are also popular! We do not deprive ourselves of models with a positive character that put us in the heart like the one imagined here by Sarah & Bendrix. 25.46 euros

And the calendar?

Yumalum Finally, do not hesitate to select a calendar that is very different from those purchased in previous years. In 2015, we chose it colorful, graphic and above all to frame. It throws, right? 22.65 euros


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