File dans ta chambre presents its new decoration novelties for spring 2015

File dans ta chambre presents its new decoration novelties for spring 2015

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In spring, expect to be surprised, thanks to the eclectic and colorful selection of the File e-shop in your room. Always on the lookout for new brands of furniture and small decor for children, the new products for 2015 promise us some pretty discoveries We will present our 10 favorites for the kids' room without further delay.

Scandinavian lines and materials

File in your room We are sure that you will not remain indifferent to this blond wooden storage unit composed of multiple practical lockers. The little extra that appeals to us: the sky blue drawers that add a note of color much appreciated by children.

Elegant stripes

File in your room The stripes will still be present this summer in our interiors as we prove this elegant candy pink and white cushion with a fine pale yellow border. Ideal on an armchair or on the bed in our little girls' bedroom.

Marine atmosphere

Go to your room Going out to sea in the children's room with this fun whale print rug. We would love it in our living room too!

A funny shelf

File in your room Don't be afraid to dare some original decorative pieces in your children's room like this shelf designed with several pieces of metal scroll. Books or decorative items can be easily slipped!

Candy pink

Go to your room The editor is under the spell of this small metal desk lamp in a soft pink dragee color. Its small tripod foot gives it a small retro look totally in trend. We adopt it without further delay in the little girls' room, don't you?

Soft bed linen

Go to your room We fall in love with this forest-inspired duvet cover where small firs and fox have taken their place. Our little ones will love it!

A new office chair

Go to your room Does your child's room seem a bit bland? Be aware that with a new office chair chosen in a bright red, you can give it a whole new look!

Crates on casters

Go to your room What a good idea to always have on hand wheeled crates that are easily moved when putting away toys! These, in blond wood, make us crack with their nifty inscriptions.

A pop office

Go to your room To give a little pep to the room of your little blond heads, go ahead and bet on a pop orange desk with very clean lines. It throws!