Galettes des rois 2015: our top 10 favorites

Galettes des rois 2015: our top 10 favorites

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After the holiday meal, we think of celebrating the epiphany. For this new year, chefs, pastry chefs and big houses have imagined new recipes to satisfy and surprise our taste buds once again. Here are our top 10 favorites of this 2015 vintage to taste from the start of January and throughout the month.

Fauchon's exotic pancake

Fauchon Between exoticism and tradition, the famous Parisian house Fauchon offers this year a melting and fruity recipe. Inside this puff pastry, a smooth almond cream with sweet nuances of vanilla and amber rum, combined with caramelized pineapple chunks, lime zest and grated coconut. A real treat! 30 euros for 4 people 42 euros for 6 people

The Dalloyau "Heart of lace" cake

Dalloyau A flowery composition, this cake reveals a chocolate lace beggar as well as a few hints of grapes, rum, orange and various roasted fruits. The whole is embellished with a generous almond and hazelnut cream. Little more ? A Stone Paris jewel bean is hidden inside! 42 euros for 6/8 people

Lenôtre "Cocteau" media cake

C. Faccioli / Lenôtre In tribute to the Mediterranean art of the poet Cocteau, the Maison Lenôtre revisits the traditional galette with flavors from the south. Lemon, pineapple, vanilla, you salivate just by reading the statement. And its sunny lines enchant us all the more. We love ! 59 euros for 8/10 people

The So Parisienne galette at the Burgundy hotel

Burgundy New form for this cake which is not alike! In this new year, pastry chef Stéphane Tranchet surprises us by taking inspiration from Parisian tin roofs to create this gourmet dessert topped with frangipane, orange and chocolate cream. 40 euros for 6 people

The Westin Paris-Vendôme galette

The Westin Paris For its very first galette des rois, the Westin Paris-Vendôme hotel, with its pastry chef Ken Thomas, has imagined a subtle and fresh recipe. Because in addition to the puff pastry and the frangipane, the dessert contains a delicate mixture of clementine and tangerine. 30 euros from 4 to 6 people

Christophe Roussel's "Framboise royale" cake

P. Gérard / Christophe Roussel Another square cake! To celebrate the Epiphany, Christophe Roussel also signs a creation with sweet fruity flavors. Its raspberry compote awakens the frangipane with whole almonds and pistachio from Sicily. 18 euros for 4 people 27 euros for 6 people

Hugo & Victor's praline cake

Hugo & Victor We love this traditional praline cake. Prepared the old-fashioned way from Provence almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts, caramelized in a large copper frying pan, it complements the almond cream and puff pastry. Yum ! 48 euros for 8 people

The citrus and anise cake by Dominique Saibron

Dominique Saibron Definitely, the citrus fruit on the list this winter! But Dominique Saibron, he still brings a little something thanks to the power of anise. Its frangipane, thus perfumed, merges with lemon and candied orange. An amazing mix! 31.50 euros for 8 people

Jean-François Piège's cake

L. Fau / Jean-François Piège At Thoumieux, we bet on the solid pear / chocolate duo. The mixture is indeed invited in the pancake of the tandem, also effective, formed by Jean-François Piège and Ludovic Chaussard. Both treat us with Valrhona cocoa and Williams pear, as well as a brioche of kings with orange blossom flavors, in addition to the traditional recipe of course. 40 euros for 6 people