Environmentally friendly wallpaper!

Environmentally friendly wallpaper!

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Since January 1, 2012, the wallpaper has been given a new label regarding the level of VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions. The label uses the same principle as that for household appliances with a class A + (very low emissions) to C (high emissions). Today, members of the Association for the Promotion of Wallpaper (A3P) only offer A + wallpapers. Discover in pictures, 10 very decorative and environment-friendly A + wallpapers.

Rasch, African Queen Collection

A3P Again, the environmentally friendly wallpaper directly echoes this. This very graphic original wallpaper reminiscent of an African animal skin pattern.

Grandeco, Collection Côté Maison

A3P This A + wallpaper will bring a very spring freshness to your decor with these bright and tangy colors. Graphic, it will energize your wall.

Rb 205 rollover vision

A3P Unusual and environmentally friendly, this wallpaper will give your walls a new dimension thanks to its tone-on-tone psychedelic motif. Ideal for a hallway or entrance!

Lutèce, Chambray Collection

A3P To welcome spring into your interior, bet on this timeless wallpaper with charming bouquets of roses.

Lutèce, Chambray Collection

A3P For a bucolic atmosphere in the house, we put on this delicate wallpaper both in decoration and for the environment. These soft colors will make the living room a small garden.

Lutèce, Chambray Collection

A3P More graphic but no less natural, this wallpaper uses stylized blueberries and XXL to make the show on the wall. The result is very original.

Lutèce, Chambray Collection

A3P And for a classic wallpaper, we choose this model on which the roses extend from floor to ceiling to create a delicately flowery atmosphere. Install it in a room for a very romantic effect.