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A week end in Pau in the Pyrénées Atlantiques

A week end in Pau in the Pyrénées Atlantiques

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By stopping in Pau, you will enjoy the rich gastronomy and the vineyard of the South-West, you will be able to stroll in a magnificent landscape at the foot of the Pyrenees and discover the history of the city by visiting in particular the castle of Pau, royal residence Henri IV, King of France and Navarre… Here are some essential addresses for a pleasant stay!

Living space with classic and springtime charms

The Pré du Roy terraces At the Pré du Roy terraces, you will also enjoy a very beautiful view of the Pyrenees range, a pool with massaging jets for your relaxation, very pleasant breakfast terraces and of course friendly and charming living rooms.

La Grange du Haou, a character bearnaise building

La Grange du Haou A very beautiful renovated building from the end of the 18th century for 4 épis guest rooms, which can undoubtedly be described as charming rooms. It is at the Grange du Haou, in Viven, 25 minutes from Pau, that you will discover this very elegant guest house. You will also enjoy a private swimming pool and a very large park.

Lots of style for this art gallery-style room

La Grange du Haou Classic style highly refined for this room of the Grange du Haou in cream tones where old furniture is tastefully arranged. The exposed beams participate in the character of the room and the decorative objects in the art gallery atmosphere.

Classicism and tranquility in the following

La Grange du Haou At La Grange du Haou, the very spacious suite is furnished and decorated following the same recipe: off-white and beige tones, classic and antique furniture that bring a lot of charm to the whole room and its gives an atmosphere of tranquility and very pleasant serenity.

Modernity and warmth in the rooms of Le Fer à Cheval hotel

Hôtel Le Fer à Cheval Just 10 minutes from Pau, in Lons, Le Fer à Cheval offers you, in this former coaching inn, 10 rooms furnished with originality for your comfort. Neat decoration in a modern and warm atmosphere for rooms with often energizing colors. What to spend a weekend in a good mood!

Refined atmosphere in the restaurant room

Restaurant Le Fer à Cheval In addition to offering you pleasant rooms, Le Fer à Cheval invites you to discover its quality cuisine in its gourmet restaurant. You will taste a local cuisine brought up to date with inventiveness and passion, and this, in a restaurant with very elegant decoration.

Mix of regional flavors at Auberge Labarthe

Auberge Labarthe Taste the art of improvisation in the kitchen by sitting down at one of the tables at Auberge Labarthe in Bosdarros, 15 minutes from Pau. You will discover the flavors of the South West with first quality products and above all an unusual, inventive, tasty cuisine.

Wise modernity for interior decoration

Auberge Labarthe A cozy room decoration, which is both contemporary, natural and warm: it is within these walls that you can taste the refined cuisine of star chef Eric Dequin.


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