Very nice sinks

Very nice sinks

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The sinks are becoming more and more decorative in the bathroom! The opportunity to discover models combining practicality and aesthetics. Simply beautiful sinks, each in their own way.

Black sink

Alape ### Sumptuous sink in black vitrified steel. With him, the bathroom can only be very chic…

Waxed concrete sink

Azur Lign ### The trendy polished concrete arrives in the bathroom with this rectangular XXL sink and its industrial air. Minimalism in the spotlight.

Glass sink

Cedam ### Equipped with two pretty glass basins, this sink is riding on the transparent trend in the bathroom. Between delicacy and elegance.

Illuminated sink

Toto ### No more question for the sink area to stay in the shade of the bathroom, now it lights up. Thank you the epoxy resin basin which combines transparency of the glass and silky touch and above all, which has an LED system!

Illuminated sink

Azur Lign ### Another example of a bright sink, more discreet nevertheless since the LED lighting is diffused between the cabinet and the basin.

Marble sink

Lautus ### With its pretty basin carved in marble, whose curves and curves we like, this sink plays the sophisticated side.

Flashy sinks

Porcelanosa ### Three colorful hand basins aligned, that is enough to form a thunderous sink area in the bathroom. He has never been more noticed!

Chic sink

Cedam ### All the ingredients for a sophisticated decor come together in this sink: mix of the black, gray and white trio, clean lines with roundness and lacquered materials.

Cylindrical sink

Porcelanosa ### In this bathroom, the sink area consists of two cylindrical hand basins in the shape of giant pots, black and white version. Ultra design!