A dining room for entertaining

A dining room for entertaining

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In France, meals are a real moment of conviviality that we like to share with friends or family around the table. So in the ideal French house, there is a dining room for entertaining. To inspire you, here are 20 dining room ideas, from the most classic to the most original. ** IPEA 2013 study *

The simple and efficient dining room

Fly To invite your guests to dinner, you don't need a gala dining room! You can simply install a large table in a room with decorative chairs to enhance the whole and voila.

The dining room staged

La Redoute To easily stage your dining room, just add neat linens and beautiful dishes.

The chic and elegant dining room

Alinéa Also know that it is often enough to set the table to give it a new dimension and transform a simple piece of furniture into a chic and refined space.

The dining room in the living room

Fly In modern interiors, the dining room is not always a separate room. No problem, the lounge is then used for an aperitif and you can sit at the table in the blink of an eye.

An improvised dining room

Ikea Do you need an XXL table to receive a lot of guests? Put different tables side by side to create a friendly space where everyone can sit.

An extending dining room

Maisons du monde To transform your classic dining room into a real reception room, it is sometimes enough to use the table extensions. You then multiply the place to accommodate a maximum of guests.

An intimate dining room

Maisons du monde Note that the dining room is not only intended for festive meals, you can also receive in complete privacy in your chic and decorative dining room for a relaxing evening.

A convivial dining room

Alinéa Do you want to break the codes of the traditional dining room? Then receive your guests around a square table that will accommodate as many guests.

A decorative dining room

Alinéa Also think that your dining room must be decorative even when the table is not set. We can then opt for pretty chairs and place a bouquet of flowers on the table.

A bar for entertaining

Schmidt No frills, we welcome friends to the kitchen bar. This allows you to continue cooking! There are bars for 4 to 6 people. Sitting comfortably on high stools, you will have everything at your fingertips!

The optimum table

Roche Bobois This is his name at Roche Bobois. Rectangular and stable on its base, it goes very well with the orange fabric chairs. These are quite spacious. If necessary, take more discreet.

The conference master table

Roche Bobois In the midst of this decor of squire, this large conference table denotes but at the same time it is perfect for large work or family gatherings. With the two big feet in the middle, no one will be embarrassed!

The glass table

Maisons du Monde Super class, super stylish, the glass table is timeless. We can marry it with an industrial decor as opposite. Mixed with pretty brown leather chairs and an iron table leg, this contrasts.

The large wooden table

Maisons du Monde The large Montmorency-style wooden table remains a sure bet in decoration. It has large column-shaped feet and a wooden tray with an aged look to give the room the look of another era!

The extending table

Maisons du Monde In the same style as the previous one, this wooden table brings a very classic style to this family home dining room. WE love !

The table and the bench

Scandinavian cocktail To bring an original touch to your dining room, consider replacing your chairs with large, more convivial benches, for example.

The bar extended by a table

Schmidt The light wooden table is rather classic but the trick of this kitchen is that the bar, raised, offers additional seats if you receive people. They will be just a little higher than you!

The convivial round table

Leroy Merlin With a round table, everyone sees each other and everyone can chat together.

The large lacquered table

BoConcept This white lacquered table is modern and refined. Perfect when you want to infuse a design look into your dining room, don't you think?