The 10 facets of the designer bathtub

The 10 facets of the designer bathtub

Symbol par excellence of well-being, the bathtub today offers the luxury of taking on the most designer looks. Between clean lines and innovative materials, the 10 models which follow have precisely everything to invite us to prestigious relaxation breaks. The time for high-end bathing has come!

The sculptural designer bathtub

Petri France ### A bathtub designed like a sculpture. This is how we could sum up this pretty model whose shape embodies that of the human silhouette: headrest, armrests for the arms and lower, for the legs. A tailor-made idea to combine bath and absolute comfort!

The practical designer bathtub

Toto ### The black lacquered rectangular block inside which the bathtub is installed, reveals beautiful bright storage shelves. An elegant way to display (or store) bath towels and beauty products while keeping them close at hand!

The retro designer bathtub

Delpha ### Retro pieces are always a source of inspiration for designers. Here, the lion's feet bathtub has been brought up to date to display itself without complex in a contemporary bathroom. We love !

The white designer bathtub

Porcelanosa ### Bright white, purity white, cleanliness white, refined white. Yes, the classic designer bathtub is white, and we love it even more when it takes an oval shape! Simply Hyperchic.

The black designer bathtub

Porcelanosa ### This is the revelation of 2012. The new chic bathroom is black! Black, because it brings character and elegance to the room dedicated to relaxation. Black, because it has the audacity to show originality in the face of 100% white, until today, unbeatable.

The bright designer bathtub

Castorama ### Exit lighting at bath time, here it comes only from the new generation light bathtub which immerses the room in a resolutely intimate atmosphere. Long live high-tech design!

The dugout design bathtub

Villeroy & Boch ### The tropical lands seem to have inspired this pirogue-shaped bathtub placed on a wooden easel like a work of art. A perfect design to let yourself be lulled by the water…

The designer comfort bath

Sanindusa ### Total black look for this superb rectangular bathtub with a headrest at both ends. Ideal for lying comfortably at two at bath time!

The chic designer bathtub

Delpha ### A stone's throw from the bedroom, this elegantly curved bathtub stands proudly in the middle of the bathroom. Majestically chic.