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The bedroom is tiled

The bedroom is tiled

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To warm the room and give a cocooning atmosphere, the tiles are the patterns you need. In all their forms, they wrap the bed for a traditional atmosphere that suits all room styles. Demonstration in 10 images.

The tiles are retro

Linvosges In their retro version, the tiles mix past colors like mustard yellow with 1950s style furniture. The ideal equation for a vintage bedroom.

The tiles of an industrial room

Linvosges In an industrial atmosphere, classic tiles are also suitable. We will simply choose them in a mix of black, gray and white to stay in the room codes.

Chalet tiles with touches

PH Collection To infuse a chalet style into your contemporary room without playing the total look, it will suffice to opt for checkered cushions in a material such as felt for example or cashmere.

Flea markets

Spoiler In a rather chic country atmosphere where the aged wood dresses the room, we will bet on tiles with small lines which display colors like red or blue. On the fabric side, the ideal is to apply the tiles to a fabric.

Design tiles

Blanc des Vosges In a design version, the tiles are given a facelift with discreet lines in shades and brighter lines in neon colors. The tiles are even more graphic and blend into a design and refined atmosphere.

Chic version tiles

Essix home For an ideal cozy atmosphere in a cocooning room, the tiles will be used as a duvet cover in dark and chic colors. We associate them with a more feminine color like plum.

Country chic tiles

Hastens For a family house in the countryside, we put on masculine style tiles in blue and white. We adopt it at the head of the bed and around the bed by doing a reminder with the cushions.

Family house tiles

Lexington In a chic and family decor, the tiles are installed by touch with a blanket that installs at the end of the bed. We choose it in colors in harmony with the rest of the room to create a cocooning shades.

Romantic tiles

Linvosges In a charming bedroom, the tiles wrap the bed in colors that skillfully combine gray and fuchsia for a feminine atmosphere.


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