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A shower area in the bathtub

A shower area in the bathtub

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Depending on the size of the bathroom, it is not always possible to install a shower and a bathtub in the room. Also, to reconcile the two, you can combine practicality and comfort by betting on a shower area within your bathtub. Discover in pictures 20 ideas for a shower space.

A shower column in the corner

Monsieur Bricolage ### This original shaped bathtub can also become a shower if you place a shower column in one of the corners to accommodate your shower head or a rain shower.

A bathtub and a shower at the same time

Monsieur Bricolage ### This bathtub is designed to be able to be used both as a bathtub and as a shower because the tap of the bathtub is overhung by a shower assembly which accommodates a shower head and a rain sky.

Use the corners of the tub rather than the wall

Monsieur Bricolage ### To save space and make your bath more practical, prefer to install the faucet in a corner of the bath rather than on a wall. Your walls will keep all their decorative aspect.

Shower set on the wall

Lapeyre ### If you want to fix the shower set on one of the walls of the bathtub, make sure to place it opposite the head of the bathtub. It is indeed necessary that the shower head is on the side of the drain of the bathtub.

A shower screen for protection

Espace Aubade ### Whatever the shape of your bathtub, you will find a shower screen that will not splash the floor. It is imperative if you want to take showers in your bathtub.

A wall that follows the design of the bathtub

Jacob Delafon ### To keep the decorative look of your bathtub, bet on a wall that follows the curves of it as for this very original corner bathtub.

A transparent wall

Ronal ### So that the shower screen is forgotten and leaves room for the design of the bathtub, bet on a transparent model that will not stop looking. And when you take a shower, you won't feel trapped.

A practical wall

Jacuzzi ### Note that you will also find many practical walls that can be folded down to disappear or to close the shower space to create a cabin.

A shower curtain for the bathtub

Ikea ### If you want to take a shower in your traditional bathtub, know that you can also simply add a shower curtain to protect the bathroom from splashes and isolate yourself.

A fairly discreet wall

Castorama A bathtub does not require a wall. A shower if. It is simply a question of installing a wall high enough and wide enough not to splash everything when showering. Make sure to clean it regularly as the water will leave traces of lime.

The luxury of shower and tub

Leroy Merlin In this huge bathroom, you have the luxury of being able to choose between a walk-in shower and a large bathtub. We can even chat amongst ourselves. But if the shower is occupied, the bathtub will act as a shower. It is so long that you could sleep in it.

A cabin wall

Porcelanosa Here we discover a combined bath-shower. The protective wall (glass or plastic) completely encloses the bathtub (lengthwise and vertically) which allows you to shower peacefully. The day you want to take a bath, just open the doors.

A half-height wall

Porcelanosa Still in the same style at Porcelanosa, you can install a wall that frames the bathtub. It can be of medium height so as not to have the impression of being trapped in a shower.

A shower that comes from the sky

Porcelanosa Very innovative, this bathtub embedded in the ground allows you to take a bath but also to take a shower. The water outlet is installed in the ceiling and you can take a shower while standing in the bathtub. Water comes directly to us as if it came from the sky.

Under the rain

Porcelanosa Here, we find the same roof system with water rain but this time the bathtub is round and out of the ground, which creates a jacuzzi effect.

The hip bath

Leroy Merlin This type of bathtub was used in old apartments. Between the bathtub and the shower, it is ideal in small spaces to save square centimeters!

A large shower head

Leroy Merlin The advantage of the shower is often its pommel which rinses your body in a few minutes. Just install a good shower head in the tub for effective rinsing. We prepare our towel next to it for more comfort.

Corner bath

Passy This corner bath provides space for washing while standing. You can also attach the shower head to the wall and voila!

We try without protection

Leroy Merlin Some are good enough not to put water everywhere when they take a shower in a bath. Try to rinse yourself up and you will see the result!


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