Bright ideas in the bathroom

Bright ideas in the bathroom

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Carried by the LED trend, the elements that make up the bathroom light up. A high tech dimension of well-being!

Illuminated storage unit

Azur Lign ### Hiding a neon sign behind their backs, the storage units light up the bathroom after dark.

Light box

Castorama ### Rather than conventional lighting, this bathroom has opted for a large light panel which thus diffuses a soft light throughout the room, but above all, which acts as a window!

Illuminated bathtub

Castorama ### Turn off all the lights to slip into your hot… and bright bath: or when well-being meets high tech design. We adhere, we love it!

Light tape under the bathtub

Castorama ### Another way to have the luxury of taking a bath in a luminous bathtub: affix a luminous ribbon at ground level!

Bright rain sky

Fantini ### Very trendy, bright shower heads or rain skies give a new generation look to the bathroom!

Illuminated mirror

Habitat ### The luminous mirror of star lodges interferes in the bathroom to give it a little glamorous look.

Mirror / light shelf

Azur Lign ### Another version of a light mirror, except that it also makes a shelf! The depth of the frame therefore highlights perfumes and beauty products to have them at hand when preparing.

Bright furniture

Kramer ### With its incorporated lighting, this bathroom furniture diffuses an indirect light which does not blind the eyes, and whose blue color transports us to the world of well-being!

Illuminated shower screen

Lapeyre ### We fell in love with this shower screen fitted with blue LED strips along, across and across! Graphics, design and high tech.