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The fall / winter room seen by the 3 Swiss

The fall / winter room seen by the 3 Swiss

At the 3 Suisses, we put the bedroom in the fall / winter time with a new collection of bed linen that will not fail to warm the atmosphere. And for that, the mail-order brand puts on the great north, the natural and retro atmosphere for a soft and mixed decoration which plays between pop, ethnic and arty styles. Discover 10 favorites in pictures.

The forest in the spotlight

3 Suisses And it's not just owls and owls that find their place on bed linen! Here, the deer settle on a deliciously colorful set. The decor of the forest comes to life on the duvet and pillow covers.

Reinvented cement tiles

3 Suisses To play on the retro trend, the 3 Suisses have imagined a bed set which is inspired by the patterns of cement tiles in soft and enveloping colors. The bed then becomes the centerpiece of the decor.

Navajo-style ethnic atmosphere

3 Suisses To warm up the atmosphere of the room, we use ethnic patterns inspired by the Navajo Indians with warm colors like red which combine with a dark circle. The room is graphic and invites you to travel.

Ethnic and retro motifs at the same time

3 Suisses To bring warmth to this room, we have put on a bed linen which skillfully combines patterns with an ethnic touch with muted colors of retro inspiration. The marriage is successful and will be ideal for the fall / winter season.

Revisited tiles

3 Swiss When the temperatures drop, the tiles immediately make a comeback in the decorative patterns. At the 3 Suisses, we mix tiles and feminine colors for an even softer atmosphere.

Graphic and enveloping patterns

3 Suisses On this bed linen, the 3 Suisses played the graphic card with a multitude of patterns which combine in different colors so as to give depth to the whole.

The cross stitch is done decoration

3 Suisses On this duvet cover, cross stitch is used to give the bed linen a retro and reassuring style. The colors are enveloping for an original bed linen where the pattern is reinvented.

Chalet motifs revisited

3 Suisses For a winter atmosphere, nothing like a chalet atmosphere. At the 3 Suisses, the chalet-inspired patterns are modernized by offering them natural colors that will bring a lot of softness to the room.

A touch of patterns

3 Swiss On a plain bed, you don't hesitate to install a quilt with strong patterns to wake up the whole. A good way to light up a dark bed linen like a chocolate set.