Marks & Spencer: So British Christmas cuisine!

Marks & Spencer: So British Christmas cuisine!

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This year, prepare for the holiday season with Marks & Spencer. For this very special moment, the brand has redoubled its creativity to make the Christmas family meal a magical moment. Between traditions and gold and copper colors, discover the So British Christmas collection from Marks & Spencer.

A deer to warm the table decor

Marks & Spencer For a perfect Christmas decoration, candles and candle holders are essential! In a northern spirit, celebrate Christmas like in Sweden with a deer-shaped tealight holder. Copper or silver, the choice is yours!

Well-inspired cookie cutters

Marks & Spencer Make your Christmas parties a unique and exceptional moment with these pretty copper cookie cutters. Designed in the shape of deer and snowflakes, they are the winter allies of fans of creative pastry.


Marks & Spencer Transcribe all the magic of Christmas to your festive table, with pretty black and white plates decorated with a snowflake motif. Chic and classic, they will easily find their place on a two-tone party decor.

A Christmas themed breakfast set

Marks & Spencer For the festive table to shine on Christmas Day, you will have to choose dishes worthy of the name! For breakfast, we put on this beautiful, very graphic, red and white set, inspired by the far north.

Christmas trees, our decorative allies

Marks & Spencer At Christmas, create a magical atmosphere on your table and revisit the Christmas spirit with mini decorative trees for the table. Total red look, for a warm table decoration or traditional mini tree for a natural and authentic atmosphere on the table, you see!

Tartan print twists table decoration

Marks & Spencer For a chic and warm decor, we opt for the tartan print with pretty red, green and white napkins that we will combine with solid wood furniture to give an authentic style to our Christmas table.

The elegance of gold and copper

Marks & Spencer Timeless and timeless, the festive table stands in gold and copper at Marks & Spencer. To avoid the tinsel that hurts the eyes, we avoid the total look! Candlesticks, candle jars and even glassware, you can see life in gold and copper, but all in subtlety!


Marks & Spencer If you simply prefer to give a festive look to your holiday table without giving it a theme, you can turn to a lot of very refined plates or mugs, which present beautiful gildings. To bring a touch of tradition to your table decor, you will add this original napkin holder with bells.

A scintillating table decor

Marks & Spencer What would Christmas be without beautiful wraps? Adorned with a sweet message and a fringed golden paper, the papillotes are today true gourmet messengers of the Christmas holidays. This year, bet on originality with golden twists XXL version. An interesting way to decorate your table!