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Retro electro seen by Bosch

Retro electro seen by Bosch

We all know Bosch for its reliability and know-how that no longer has to be proven. This fall, the Bosch brand designers, inspired by products from the 1950s, reissued the Classic Edition refrigerator in two cutting-edge models and imagined two Kitchen Machines in tart colors. A vintage atmosphere kitchen, let's go!

One fridge, three colors

Bosch In a bright blue version, this refrigerator perfectly incorporates the color that we knew in the 1950s. And to meet contemporary desires, it is now available in pure white and bright red. Bosch, Classic Edition Refrigerator, Red (KSL20AR30), Blue (KSL20AU30) or White (KSL20AW30), € 1,899.99 + € 13 eco-participation.

Give a colorful retro style to your refrigerator

Bosch Obviously, the small refrigerator will not fit all kitchen sizes. For this, the Combined Classic Edition has also been imagined in a retro style and will have no trouble distinguishing itself in colorful or refined kitchens. And under this style at the forefront of the trend, we find the eco-efficient side, the Power Ventilation system which ventilates the cold from top to bottom, and the LowFrost technology which will guarantee easier and less frequent defrosting. Bosch, Combined Classic Edition refrigerator, White (KCE40AW40) or Red (KCE40AR40), € 2,499.99 + € 13 eco-participation.

Cooking in style

Bosch And because Bosch has thought of revamping the material that adorns our work plan, we can only be amazed! To equip your kitchen with acid colors it is these new Kitchen Machines Starlines that you have to look at. They will also have the advantage of matching with other much more modern pieces. And to combine business with pleasure, this real pastry robot is equipped with 3 stainless steel accessories (dough hook, mixer whisk, beater whisk) and guarantees consistently successful preparations! Bosch StartLine Kitchen Machine, Orange (MUM54I00) or Turquoise (MUM54D00), € 229.99 + € 0.50 eco-participation