Roche Bobois unveils its new collection

Roche Bobois unveils its new collection

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** Roche Bobois has just unveiled its new products. To make you discover them, we offer ten atmospheres through ten salons. The latter have been selected from two universes: the contemporaries and the new classics. Good discovery !**

Grape sofa

Roche Bobois The Cépage sofa is ideal for those who wish to bring a retro and traditional touch to your interior. The sofa fits perfectly in classic homes.

Cinephile sofa

Roche Bobois The Cinéphile sofa is as simple as it is sophisticated. It will find its place in a classic, traditional or contemporary interior.

Comedia sofa

Roche Bobois The Comédia sofa brings a touch of glamor and warmth. Subtly chosen colors, a harmonious design, the sofa exudes comfort.

Ellizoe sofa

Roche Bobois The Ellizoe sofa is a marvel of modernity. Customizable, it adapts to any interior while offering a touch of originality.

Long Island sofa

Roche Bobois The Long Island sofa is aptly named. Straight out of American homes, the sofa offers natural colors and a sophisticated design.

Mah Jong sofa, by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Roche Bobois The Mah Jong sofa signed Jean-Paul Gaultier offers a marine atmosphere as successful as the creator's collection.

Mah Jong sofa

Roche Bobois The Mah Jong sofa offers a Zen and contemporary atmosphere. Comfortable and customizable, it adapts to all your projects.

Nautil sofa, by Cédric Ragot

Roche Bobois The Nautil sofa by designer Cédric Ragot is one of the star products of the new Roche Bobois collection. A success !

Préférence sofa

Roche Bobois The Préférence sofa is as simple as it is comfortable. It allows you to give free rein to your imagination in terms of decoration.