5 floor ideas by Gerflor

5 floor ideas by Gerflor

For a floor that is decorative, economical and easy to install, vinyl is ideal! At Gerflor, you will find many finishes that imitate parquet as well as tiling through more original floors. Discover in pictures 5 floor ideas signed Gerflor.

A contemporary floor

Gerflor ### To give a very contemporary style to your rooms, you can opt for an original floor. At Gerflor, you will find for example the Moove Silver model which has rough edges which will be ideal for a loft style for example.

Vinyl tiles

Gerflor ### Laying tiles can quickly become a nightmare. To simplify your task, prefer a vinyl floor that imitates tiles perfectly. You will find as many models as for traditional tiles and the touch will be much less cold!

Concrete slabs

Gerflor ### The concrete technique often requires the help of a professional, with the vinyl floor the rendering is striking without the inconvenience of the break. Easy to live with, this type of imitation will be installed throughout the house.

Textile on the floor

Gerflor ### Finally, to give an original style to your floor, choose a textile effect that will not fail to bring a very cocooning effect to your interior. The advantage of imitation? You can clean your faux textile very easily and the coating is not fragile!