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Garden storage is now!

Garden storage is now!

Summer is now well behind us and we have to start preparing the garden for winter. For this, place in the large storage whether for your flower pots, plants, garden tools but also wood for the winter. Discover some ideas for a tidy garden and protected business.

The outdoor kitchen

Leroy Merlin Those who have an outdoor kitchen will also have to do some storage. No need to leave all your accessories outside during the winter. We bring the dishes back inside and all the consumables. For the rest like the cushions and other accessories, nothing prevents you from investing in the kitchen cupboards.

A cabin in the garden

Leroy Merlin To store all the garden tools and put the mower under cover, you can opt for a cabin to install in the garden. It will then be a secure place to install all the garden accessories.

A veranda for furniture

Abrisud If you have a veranda or a winter garden, it's time to bring your outdoor furniture back to this room so that you can enjoy it all year round.

An addiction attached to the house

Castorama If you have an addiction attached to your house, know that it is an ideal place to make it a gardening workshop. During the winter, you can then store your plants and garden tools in this space.

A greenhouse in the garden

Castorama Likewise, by installing a greenhouse in the garden, you will be able to continue your crops in winter by protecting your plants. It will be an ideal space to store your tools.

A garden chest

Kali Also know that you can invest in a storage module that will store the barbecue, the mower or the garden hoses while waiting for spring.

A textile chest

Chalet and Garden To store the cushions and other textiles you have used, there are low chests that will allow you to store everything for the next year and prevent the weather from damaging the whole.

Storage garden furniture

Maisons du monde And to be more clever, some garden benches allow you to store some accessories in their seats. So at the slightest ray of sunshine you can take out the cushions to settle.

A space for wood

Leroy Merlin Finally, if you have a fireplace, tidying up the garden also means finding space for firewood. You will then find shelters in all DIY stores so that your logs do not take the rain.