I optimize a small space in 10 lessons

I optimize a small space in 10 lessons

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When you occupy a small space, it is essential to know how to organize it well and to optimize it so that you can feel good there. To help you, we have listed 10 tips to help you think about your interior. No need to apply everything for it to work because a well used tip can already change everything!

I opt for bunk beds

Ikea In a child's bedroom in particular, bunk beds are a real solution to save space. The sleeping area is thus optimized to leave the rest of the room free for more fun activities.

I use a mezzanine

Ikea In a studio, rather than bunk beds, we opt for a loft bed. This will allow you to install your bedroom above your living room without it taking up too much space.

I choose suitable furniture

Castorama If your space is small, no need to offer you a monumental library that will cut across the entire space. Conversely, we think of choosing suitable furniture by preferring for example narrow furniture that will be useful and will save you space.

I separate smart

Castorama In a studio, it is sometimes pleasant to have several demarcated spaces. For this, we avoid the partitions that stop the eye and spoil the light and we prefer an openwork partition that will also allow some storage.

I prefer 2 in 1 furniture

Alinéa Rather than offering you a storage unit and a desk, choose a complete unit that will offer you both. With a modular piece of furniture, you will be able to use the space according to your activities while saving space.

I clever furniture

Alinéa In a studio, there is no question of giving up the comfort of a large room. So to bring in all the elements, you have to use a little trick. We choose a two-seater sofa and replace the table chairs with stools that will take up less space and will not obstruct passage.

I store custom

Leroy Merlin To optimize space, nothing better than tailor-made. By choosing storage furniture that exactly matches your surface, you can store as much as possible without losing space.

I compromise

Leroy Merlin Do you want a table for meals but don't have enough space? No question of giving it up! However, we make a little compromise by abandoning the table in favor of a counter that will take up less space.

I use all the spaces

Fly In every room of the house, think of exploiting every corner. We use storage spaces that go up to the ceiling and we also slide some storage boxes under the bed.


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