Everything to energize the corridor space

Everything to energize the corridor space

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Want to give the respondent your lane? Here is a small panorama of ideas to highlight this cramped passageway. Because after all, there is no reason to exclude it from interior design…

Bet on beautiful lighting

Leroy Merlin Rarely lit by natural light, the corridor is not only narrow, but it is also dark in nature. In order to make it a pleasant place of passage, it is therefore essential to illuminate it well! Make way for spots, wall lights or large pendant lights!

Play the trompe l'oeil effect

Leroy Merlin Dare to fantasy! By playing a trompe l'oeil effect on the front door at the end of the corridor, you will give an impression of depth to this space and will at the same time make you forget its narrowness. Clever.

Color on the walls

Goal Color is always an excellent ally in terms of space dynamics, and the corridor is no exception to the rule! Then think of running your favorite color along the wall, enough to boost the decor.

Decorative walls

Leroy Merlin Since the floor space offered by the corridor is reduced, you have to rely on the walls for decoration. Tables, a large mirror, original coat hooks, a strip of wallpaper, a wall shelf hosting a vase or other trinkets ... it's up to you!

Bet on wallpapers

Castorama To create an atmosphere in a corridor, wallpaper can play its small role. It makes it possible to give an identity to a space generally not very attractive. The next step is to find the appropriate style for the entire home.

Create volume with frames

Castorama Even if the corridor remains above all a place of passage, it can also become a place full of memories. Arrange frames and photos to bring life and give volume to overly sad walls.

Find the right furniture

Paragraph If it is imperative not to overload a corridor, you can still be ingenious and find decorative furniture that will fit into this reduced space.

Closets and cupboards

Schmidt The hallway is the least used room in a house. To remedy this, a word of advice: make cupboards. These do not take up space and will give a function to this space.

Break down the partitions

Schmidt To bring clarity to a cramped space, there is a radical solution: breaking the partitions (when possible of course). To energize your hallway, you can open onto another room through a library. You still have a separation but you gain additional storage space.

Practical and fun objects

Carrefour We don't think about it enough, but the corridor can also be used to store items. It is up to us to find the furniture suitable for small areas such as this foldable desk which incorporates numerous storage spaces.

Oh Mirror, my Bô Mirror

Castorama Indispensable for women, the mirror is a faithful traveling companion. It will therefore have a special place in the corridor because it will allow you to get a makeover while passing but also to bring grandeur to spaces often riquiqui.

White to light up

BoConcept A cramped corridor can be energized in many ways, but the clarity you would only get by white walls. Then it's up to you to accessorize the rest of the space.

Deformed storage

Loggia It is interesting to think of storage with offset shapes or staggered to break the symmetry of a corridor and bring volume. By betting on a piece of furniture, you give a utility to your corridor.