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Adhesive tiles to revamp your walls!

Adhesive tiles to revamp your walls!

Smart Tiles offers a whole new concept of adhesive wall tiles that will allow you to revamp the walls of your home with ease. Thanks to an easy installation and very successful decorations, the rendering is stunning. Zoom on this new decorative solution.

Cover the walls of the bathroom

Smart Tiles ### Be aware that Smart Tiles is not limited to the kitchen walls, you can indeed place the adhesive in the bathroom to cover a slightly old-fashioned tile and give a new look to your bathroom by a knack.

Create a splashback

Smart Tiles ### It's up to you to choose the dimensions of your adhesive which will allow you to create original decors. You can for example choose to materialize a credenza. Thanks to its translucent gel, the adhesive has a real depth effect like traditional tiles.

Dress up a bar

Smart Tiles ### Be aware that the adhesive can be used almost as you wish! You can use it as a kitchen splashback, in the living room as a frieze or even to cover a wall. So, do not hesitate to cover the bar that separates your kitchen from your living room to enhance it.

Decorate the kitchen

Smart Tiles ### And be aware that in the kitchen, bathroom or living room, Smart Tiles is very easy to maintain. The film is resistant to grease splashes and also to stains. The adhesive will clean in the same way as a traditional tile.