The table is inspired by autumn

The table is inspired by autumn

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September 22 marks the official arrival of fall. And even if it is also the end of summer, we are delighted to enter this beautiful season where nature takes on beautiful colors and prepares to enter winter. To switch gently into the autumnal spirit, some accessories on the table will be of the most beautiful effect.

Dried fruits as decoration

Emiliebok 'To decorate your fall table, you can call on nature! As a decorative accessory, we put on dried fruit, nut shells and chestnuts that will recall this sweet season.

Seasonal fruits

Emiliebok 'But it's not just dried fruits that are trendy for the fall table! The seasonal fruits will also make pretty decorations!

Leafless trees

Reine Mère Autumn is also the start of bare branches. To plant the decor at the table, we adopt these salad servers that take the form of branches to serve with originality and perfectly in the theme.

The trivet version tree

Reine Mère If you want a real autumn theme, add the tree branch version trivet to your table. And why not some natural branches to establish the style?

Vegetable-inspired dishes

Ferm Living Still on the theme of branches, Ferm Living offers beautiful tableware where branches are displayed in black and gold to make fall precious. We add a cloth with leaf patterns and a cork trivet for the natural touch.

Natural materials

Andre Verdier To evoke autumn on the table, we think of natural materials that remind us of the forests of autumn. With linen or burlap placemats, you will evoke the fall chestnut harvest bags.

Selected accessories To bring nature to your table, there are many proposals! We will choose for example this braided straw trivet to accommodate a beautiful kettle on the breakfast table.

Natural dishes

Bibol For the natural touch of your decor, you can also count on the dishes! We opt for example for beautiful wooden salad bowls that dress in green and orange, the fall colors.

Fall meals

Ferm Living Autumn is also the return with great pleasure of hot drinks. We then invest in a special retro dinnerware to taste a good hot chocolate or steaming tea.


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