Sewing: 10 cushion cover tutorials

Sewing: 10 cushion cover tutorials

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Tired of your bland and impersonal cushions, head to the sewing machine! Armed with your threads, needles and patterns, discover ten tutorials on how to make an original cushion cover that will warm your interior, accessorize your sofa and will certainly give the final decorative touch to your room.

Tuto couture: a funny cushion cover for children

Karine Thiboult You like to make decorative clothes and accessories for your toddlers, then you will love this original and practical cushion cover which will allow her to store her pajamas. Armed with your pair of scissors, scraps of fabric, old socks and a traditional cushion cover, call on your creativity to make a whimsical and funny cushion that he will enjoy installing on his bed. * More info on this DIY: Karine Thiboult *

Couture tutorial: a geometric duvet cover

For my pretty kids Tired of accumulating mini tissue scraps? No more waste! Empty your stocks and make a geometric cushion cover! At the top of the trend, it will not go unnoticed! * More info on this DIY: For my pretty kids *

Tuto couture: a cushion cover in place mats

Smile and Wave Nerdy placemats? Not at all ! Diverted in an original way, our grandmothers' place mats are back on the scene for our greatest pleasure. Lovers of the retro style, using old doilies, a colorful fabric and thread make yourself a cushion cover as vintage as it is trendy. * More info on this DIY: Smile and Wave *

Tuto couture: a starry and colorful cushion cover

GG initials We all have pieces of unused fabric at home, stored in the back of our cupboards. Want to bring cheerfulness into your interior, assemble your fabrics and customize them using a stencil, paint and foam applicators. Stencil effect guaranteed! * More info on this DIY: GG Initials *

Sewing tutorial: a knitted cushion cover

The scrap of Caro Warm up your interior and protect yourself from the first frost with a wool cushion cover For this, nothing could be simpler, you just need to arm yourself with your knitting needles and a delicate wool. And presto, voila! * More info on this DIY: Caro's scrap *

Couture tutorial: a girly cushion cover

Rae Gun Ramblings To bring a refined touch and create a girly atmosphere in your interior, what could be more suitable than these sublime cousin covers with knots easy to make. Made on a sewing machine using colored fabrics, these covers will not seduce you with their original simplicity. * More info on this DIY: Rae Gun Ramblings *

Couture tutorial: a Nordic cushion cover

Save the Green Fancy a trendy cushion cover inspired by the magnificent Nordic prints of the Danish brand By Nord? Direction the sewing machine to assemble an old white sheet! Once this step has been completed, take some transfer paper for textiles, a few images and your printer to make the patterns. * More info on this DIY: Save the Green *

Sewing tutorial: a recycled cushion

Vanessa Christenson Ecolo at heart, to recycle leftover fabric another tip is to place them next to each other and sew them creating a crumpled effect to bring volume and a comfortable side to the cushion cover. * More info on this DIY: Vanessa Christenson *

Tuto couture: a removable cushion cover for beginners

Couture Stuff You have just started sewing and want to make a removable cushion cover, without button or zipper. Very easy to make, since it only requires a simple rectangle of fabric, make yourself a wallet cushion cover. * More info on this DIY: Couture Stuff *


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