A large pendant light for my dining room

A large pendant light for my dining room

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How about a large and low pendant light to light up the table in your dining room? Intimate atmosphere at will! Here are 10 atmospheres to convince you.


Castorama ### In this natural dining room in which warm brown and beige tones come together and gracefully tangle, there is no question of choosing a pendant lamp that creates a visual break. This one, made of natural materials, with a round and enveloping shape, is simply perfect.

Black and white duo

Goal ### Inside, this two-tone pendant light is snow white, outside it is black. A choice that fits perfectly with the black and white design atmosphere of the room.


Fly ### Head for elegance. The mixture of gray walls, white furniture and sleek design lines gives this dining room a resolutely sophisticated look. The lighting must therefore be up to par, like this chandelier composed of transparent pearls which sublimates the table with brilliance.

Design and poetics

Fly ### She stands out, the imposing ball floating in the air just 1 meter from the table. And because its white color contrasts with the pink of the walls, you can only see it.


Goal ### Nice hanging lamp in flesh-colored fabric which gracefully overlooks the dining room. It completes this decor with clear and natural nuances, with airy and refined lines…


Goal ### Round, this white pendant lamp with very graphic wavy lines fits perfectly into contemporary style dining rooms. Here is a nice demonstration.


Goal ### A chandelier with 5 metal branches in a rural atmosphere? We say yes! Illuminating the table lined with plants and foliage, it brings a nostalgic note, reminiscent of the country houses of our grandparents.


Ikéa ### The paper lampshades remain great classics for lighting up a room while energizing the space available between the floor and the ceiling. This Japanese ball suspended fairly low, makes the height under the ceiling less imposing, and thus gives volume to the dining room while creating an intimate corner for the meal…


Paragraph ### Here is a funny custom suspension thanks to some manual work. She chairs the dining room with originality and does not go unnoticed ...