The ingredients of a friendly cuisine

The ingredients of a friendly cuisine

At the heart of your interior, the kitchen evolves and offers new decorations conducive to exchanges and community life. For a convivial cuisine, experience the raw effect and a very natural atmosphere. A taste for naturalness and warm colors, the kitchen opens its universe to authenticity.

A warm and open space

Castorama Designed as a warm and open living space, this kitchen fits perfectly in the living room for a permanent exchange. Its soft colors and clean lines offer the opportunity to cook in a serene atmosphere, while interacting with the other rooms.

Authentic cuisine

Castorama For a cuisine with character and authenticity, the interplay of materials is essential. Favor the combination of raw wood for furniture and a concrete effect on the floor. These elements harmonize perfectly thus giving a reassuring universe for an impression of conviviality.

A counter spirit

Castorama Its opening onto the living room gives this kitchen a formidable ability to set up a convivial space. Thanks to its ingenious duo: bar and worktop, it invites people to gather.

An aesthetic and friendly cuisine

Castorama Back to the classic, this cuisine foreshadows unique moments of relaxation and indulgence in this warm and serene universe. Spacious and comfortable, it allows you to savor refined dishes with the family in peace.

A classic revisited

With its central island, this revisited country kitchen gives the opportunity to gather the family around the same place. They will be able to settle down comfortably in order to share moments of conviviality. Ideal for large families, this kitchen is equipped with two ovens to cook salty and sweet at the same time.

A reassuring cuisine for large families

Mobalpa Authentic and natural, this cuisine imagines everyday life in a big way; with family or friends. It evokes by its fireplace and its imposing space, both the conviviality and the gathering around the fire. Reassuring and elegant, this space combines the advantages for a soft and soothing community life.

An open and functional space

Mobalpa Comfort, pleasure and serenity are the hallmarks of this kitchen with an elegant and refined design. It combines all the advantages of a functional kitchen with open-plan space. Place of life and meeting, it allows to gather the whole family in the same space, for harmonious and precious exchanges.

The charm of a warm space

Perene Charm and refinement characterize this kitchen with a warm decor. Its structured white lacquered facades offer a certain modernity to the whole. It perfectly integrates latest generation equipment and elements with nostalgic notes. This decor reinterprets the codes of chic and elegant cuisine for a bright and generous kitchen.

A fun and original cuisine

SoCoo'c A true space of conviviality and modernity, this kitchen shelters bold and resolutely modern colors. Personalized and rich in invigorating colors, it restores everyday life and excites the senses for boundless creativity.