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Household appliances: equipping yourself like a chef

Household appliances: equipping yourself like a chef

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The right tools make the right workers! Based on this observation, we know that great starred chefs do not cook without professional equipment. Long reserved for the elite, this high-end appliance is gradually appearing in our kitchens. A quick overview of these exceptional products.

Dietrich's Horizone table

De Dietrich The induction hob stands out today as the hob for perfectionists. With Horizone, De dietrich offers a table that gives the cook complete freedom thanks to its modular space.

The Miele Vitasteam oven

Miele Steam cooking is back in force with a new technology inspired by the hamman. Steam is generated outside the oven and then sent into the cavity. Result: an incomparable flavor!

The KitchenAid Artisan Robot 6.9 liters

KitchenAid The one we no longer present is also available in an extra large version. The KitchenAid Artisan 6.9 liter robot allows you to beat 19 eggs at the same time

The Magimix CS 6200 XL Robot

Magimix Even if you run out of space in your kitchen, you will be able to prepare the most demanding recipes thanks to this Magimix robot, as savory as it is sweet.

The Bamix hand blender

Bamix Praised by many chefs, the Bamix brand hand blender will be a solid ally in your kitchen. Always ready to go, it is essential to succeed for sure all your sauces.

The Riviera & Bar ice turbine

Riviera & Bar With its integrated refrigeration unit, it is capable of making ice creams and sorbets immediately. His secret weapon? A choice of 12 programmed textures with automatic hardness detection.

The Siméo pasta machine

Simeo When you taste fresh homemade pasta, you don't want anything else, so you might as well invest in a device that makes them in less than five minutes.

The Bron Coucke Raclette Machine

Bron Coucke All cheese lovers will tell you, the Bron Coucke raclette machine is a must-have!

The Tao teapot from Philips

Philips Drinks also have the right to pro devices! With the Philips Tao teapot, you are guaranteed to enjoy tea brewed at the right temperature and at the right time.


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