Rustic spirit for a charming kitchen

Rustic spirit for a charming kitchen

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If you want to reproduce the charm of the countryside in your kitchen, you can opt for furniture with rustic accents that will make this room a warm space where it is good to find yourself. Discover rustic kitchen ideas in pictures.

A kitchen with white charm

Arthur Bonnet For a touch of charm in the rustic kitchen, we put on white furniture that will bring a lot of light to the whole. Remember to take care of details such as the handles which give elegance to this kitchen.

A kitchen with antique furniture

Goal If you want your kitchen to look like yesteryear, bet on furniture that leaves your dishes visible. You can for example opt for glass cupboards or open shelves to display your best dishes.

Simple cooking

Hygena To give a rustic charm to your kitchen, you can opt for furniture with simple lines and bet on a decor that recalls the charm of the countryside. Opt for a raw parquet floor and decorate the room with dishes and antiques.

A practical rustic kitchen

Aim Be aware that a rustic kitchen can also have all the advantages of a modern kitchen. Thus, you will find models with island and multiple storage to optimize the space. Finally, for the practical side of maintenance, a tiled worktop will have its effect.

Country-style cuisine

Purpose To create a country style in your kitchen, you can choose furniture in a brown shade whose white details will underline the moldings. For the ambiance of the room, choose a checkered tile and play with antique accessories.

From green to vintage

Purpose In this kitchen, there is a mixture of rustic and vintage spirit. This apple green color brings unity. Stainless steel appliance accessories such as the large fridge bring the design and contemporary side of the kitchen.

In large letters

Castorama In this kitchen, this double ceramic sink is rustic in style as are the cupboard doors. The red patterned tiles give the retro side.

We go to ivory wood

Castorama Tired of the brown wood of old kitchens of yesteryear, here you will discover ivory-colored wood which allows you to keep the rustic spirit, all illuminated by transparent cupboards.

Wood still wood

Leroy Merlin The rustic spirit is of course wood in a kitchen. Here, the light wood furnishings are not very modern, but the glass doors of the cupboards allow you to glimpse beautiful dishes. The dark gray splashback breaks the smooth side of this kitchen a little.

Indus and rustic

Castorama Who said you can't mix styles? The rectangular white tiled floor and the large hood are reminiscent of our grandmothers' kitchens, but the cooking piano and the tall glass cupboards are the modern touch in this kitchen. A real favorite !

Little crush

Castorama Here, we discover a typical old kitchen with iron handles and old carved wooden cupboard doors. But the navy blue color gives pep just like the white and black checkered tiles.

From rustic to mountain

Brico Dépôt From rustic to mountain, there is only one step. We rediscover the old kitchens at the back of the restaurant or butcher shop with the large table and benches. The decorative elements are well chosen with the copper pans and the large scale.

Gray is also rustic

Brico Dépôt What we love about this rustic-style room is without hesitation these beautiful spaces for storing bottles!

When the rustic oak wood

Maison du monde Oak gives this kitchen a new lease of life, which relies on rustic-inspired furniture. The different wood tones mix with the gray plastered wall.