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The secretary steals the show from the office

The secretary steals the show from the office

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More than a simple piece of furniture to work in, the secretary benefits from real decorative potential. There are all styles. Here are 8 secretary models that we like this fall.

Workshop furniture

Maisons du Monde Favorite for this Flemish house style secretary with slightly aged metal legs. It offers plenty of storage space thanks to its 8 drawers and 2 niches.

Castle life

Maisons du Monde This black wooden secretary desk with patinated brass fittings brings an authentic touch to your interior. It is both chic and practical thanks to its numerous niches and 4 large drawers.


Fleux What originality for this secretary with a vintage look! We love its small hidden spaces with black doors that contrast with the light wood.

Old-fashioned style

Flamant Like a chest of drawers, this secretary has large storage spaces under the shelf which, once opened, reveals niches and drawers.


White Ivory Many of you are certainly looking for a model with simple lines without falling for the design or very modern style. This oak writing desk with metal legs is made for you.


Maisons du Monde Even little girls have their secretary. The drawers of this white wooden model can contain all their little secrets. We crack!