Botanic's new spring / summer 2011 collection

Botanic's new spring / summer 2011 collection

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On sunny days, the desire to live outside is felt! To meet this need for nature, Botanic offers a collection intended to accompany us throughout the day. Whether for the garden, on the balcony or at the water's edge, you will find furniture and accessories to spend a convivial moment. Presentation in pictures.

Family barbecue

Marc Chatelain For your lunches in the garden or on the terrace, Botanic has selected high performance barbecues as well as all the accessories you will need to make this convivial moment a success. You can cook the apron, the skewer, the barbecue utensils and the salad bowl to accompany the grills. And for the tasting: comfortable deckchairs!

Nature nap

Marc Chatelain In the garden or on the terrace, a nap is a very beneficial moment. To sit in the sun for a little reading requires to be well installed. For this, we opt for giant cushions that take the shape of the body. With these cushions, you can nap comfortably in any place.

Flowery taste

Marc Chatelain To taste a flowery moment, you will find a selection of cushions, beach mattresses and plaids in organic cotton with colorful and spring patterns. To accompany them, opt for dishes with polka dots and large tart cushions. Moment of relaxation guaranteed!

Urban dinner

Marc Chatelain To end the day in style, organize a chic dinner with furniture with elegant and contemporary lines. We opt for black which we will illuminate with solar lights that will be charged during the day.