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10 cool ways to set up a VW combi

10 cool ways to set up a VW combi

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A legendary vehicle since the 1960s, the Volkswagen Combi is the ally of road trips. This minibus in which it is possible to sleep and cook has seen its interior evolve according to the passages of different owners and offers us today a multitude of ideas to arrange it. The proof in 10 inspirations.

A photo booth

Gal Meets Glam For a wedding or anniversary, transform a VW combi into a photo booth in which your guests can have their portrait taken all evening. Source: Gal Meets Glam

Modern interior

Tiny House Blog Completely renovated, this VW combi has bet on modernity and comfort. In the kitchen area, for example, functional drawers have been installed for easy access to storage and dishes. Source: Tiny House Blog

With toilets

Dub Box USA Completely refurbished, this combi could even integrate toilets. Those who have already had the opportunity to travel in a VW will highlight the good idea. Source: Dub Box USA

Green plants

Honestly WTF If you want to use your combi only as accommodation, you can perfectly add a small stove to heat you and a few green plants for decoration. Source: Honestly WTF

A table for meals

Ryolf Per Thanks to a table that attaches to the inside of the trunk, you can enjoy dining outdoors comfortably. Source: Ryolf Per

Bohemian atmosphere

Pinterest Is it the bohemian atmosphere that tempts you in your jumpsuit? Easy with a colored woolen plaid and a few garlands of paper pennants. Source: Pinterest

Guinguette atmosphere

Abacaphotography With its red vinyl benches and striped curtains, there is a cheerful guinguette atmosphere that reigns in this VW combi. Source: Abacaphotography

Bamboo on the walls

Pinterest So that your jumpsuit breathes the holidays in the tropics, poke the idea of ​​walls covered with bamboo. Add some decorative accessories (leopard throw, wicker trunk, wooden totem), and there you go! Source: Pinterest

Retro spirit

Split the difference You can also perfectly keep the original style of your jumpsuit to dive into the 60s with each trip. Source: Split the difference