Sliding racks: our selection

Sliding racks: our selection

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To live outside and have a clear view of the outside, the installation of sliding windows is essential. It remains to choose the model best suited to our home, and our desires!

Aluminum sliding door

Leroy Merlin The high quality, robustness and elegance of the sliding doors come at a price, but when you can afford this luxury, you say yes!

A wooden sliding bay

Menuiserie Olrybaie A more rustic and rustic alternative: wooden sliding doors. Country houses, high mountain chalets and interiors decorated under the sign of nature are the main consumers.

Sliding bay in aluminum / wood

Lapeyre Fourth type of sliding door: aluminum / wood models, here is a small overview. Aesthetically, we love it!

A sliding bay window

Lapeyre Sliding bay windows are based on the same principle as sliding doors. In other words, their structure is implanted inside the wall so that they can completely disappear from the visual field and thus free the opening in its entirety. Large works that make access to the garden very large and much more practical.

A sliding window with integrated mosquito net

Castorama For the spring days when you live between the inside and the outside, for the summer evenings during which you let the house breathe, nothing like sliding windows fitted with mosquito nets. Thus, we can leave them ajar without even worrying about the invasion of insects!

A sliding window with integrated shutters

Castorama To hide the light they let in, block access to the interior and protect the house from the heat in summer, the sliding bays fitted with shutters come to the rescue!

XXL sliding door

Glassolutions The sliding bays adapt to any type of interior, including the largest. Nothing prevents us from opting for an XXL opening fitted with oversized glazing.

XXS sliding door

Leroy Merlin Conversely, adopting the concept of a sliding door does not require an oversized surface, simply room for two glass doors of basic size.


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