Anthropology Corner at BHV Marais: discover our 10 favorites

Anthropology Corner at BHV Marais: discover our 10 favorites

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After having benefited from the superb terrace located on the roofs of the BHV Marais, the editorial staff squeezed into the aisles of the Corner Anthropologie, opened on September 5 last on the ground floor of the store. The American brand with a bohemian chic style has invested 70 square meters in a country setting. We show you our 10 decorative favorites in pictures.

Spring tea towels

The tea towels play it educational poster by staging a multitude of aromatic plants under which their small name is indicated. You no longer risk confusing them while preparing dinner! 21 euros

Golden windows

To display your prettiest jewelry in your room, adopt one of these showcases with golden lines without further delay. Sure they will have a little effect in your decor. Large window: 42 euros Small window: 32 euros

Graphic glasses

We energize the table with these blue glasses covered with small white lines. And to play the originality card, we have fun with the other pink and orange colors. Good humor is there! 11 euros

Pastel jars

We melt in front of these small striped or polka dot pots in pastel colors. Warmed by a cork, they proudly invite themselves into the kitchen to store the spices. 6 euros

Colorful candles

Gourmet these colorful candles poured into glass jars! Melon, cabbage, beet, it's the freshness of the vegetable garden that takes over the whole house. 32 euros

Flowery cups

Do you want spring to last all year round in your interior? Easy with these mugs with floral and colorful prints! Plus: they each have a monogram so that each member of the family can recognize their own. 11 euros

A large white teapot

To prepare colorful teas, let yourself be seduced by this very beautiful and very large white teapot. Once the snack is finished, we leave it prominently on the table for a very refined decor. 76 euros

Plates signed Lou Rota

To bring a naturalistic side to the table decor of your Sunday brunch, adopt these ceramic plates without further delay. Imagined by Lou Rota, they were influenced by the flora and fauna, hence the appearance of owls, chameleons and even giraffes. 21 euros

"Bakery" candles

Brighten up your interior with "Bakery" candles that diffuse the sweet aromas of your favorite pastries: pear cake and whipped cream, fig and vanilla pie or strawberry charlotte. We enjoy ! 19 euros


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