10 ways to light up your desk

10 ways to light up your desk

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To be able to work properly, we choose quality lighting. Those who work at home understand the importance of this investment. However, we do not forget the decor and the style. Small overview of desk lamps that would almost make you want to work!


Alinea Sober and discreet version of the floor lamp, in black, it has the advantage of adapting to all styles. Practical, it is directed towards the work area and it does not take up any space on the work surface of the desk.


Alinea Here in a colorful and tangy version, the folding lamp plays the practical card. Like the floor lamp, it can orient itself towards the precise zone on which you work thanks to a metal tube in which passes the electric wire.

Hanging over the desk

Alinea This time we save space on the floor and on the workspace with a suspension. More complicated to install than a simple lamp on a socket, it allows appropriate mood lighting throughout the room.

Northern design

Alinea Alinéa offers a Scandinavian style desk lamp, small version. With this model inspired by the minimalist design of the Nordic countries, you play with trends and decoration.

Budding architect

Ikéa The architect's lamp is a real institution in the world of design. It is found in all brands, in all colors and all possible versions. Here in brushed metal, it regains its aspect of yesteryear.

Bar to fix

Ikéa For directed lighting, the bars to fix on the wall or under a shelf are a solution not to be overlooked. They provide powerful light and are quickly installed for a well-designed office.

Minimalist design

Ikéa In order not to omit the decoration in the office, we play the minimalist design card with this Ikea creation. In gray or white, it is discreet but knows how to provide the necessary lighting for the work.

Luminous pendulum

Maison du monde Designed using a system of weights and pulleys, the lamp is balanced according to your needs. In wood version, it becomes chic and elegant. Perfect when your office is also used to receive customers.

The handyman's office

Maison du monde If your garage or office has become over the years the corner where you repair everything that derails in the house, here is the solution. A large lamp, inspired by lighthouses, which lights up the whole space so that you can tinker without spoiling your view.