Is coffee the new cool?

Is coffee the new cool?

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To be completely frank with you, that coffee would return to grace would be of great benefit to me. Having never been able to endure tea, I recently felt a bit excluded, all because of my black drink. Indeed it has no health effect on me (except to keep me awake), it does not offer delicate fragrances (except that of coffee) and I have nothing to touch (without sugar and without cream, thank you !) but in my heart coffee remains the drink, THE drink itself. The disadvantage of preferring it to the tea "Jasmin Detox and Tulips of Holland" is to appear a bit cheesy. Fortunately, courageous people have decided to give its caffeinated drink its nobility and for the skeptics, I prove it to you with the following 7 products.

Wave de Toast, the selfish coffee

Toast This young Taiwanese brand invites the coffee lover to let themselves be carried away by the wave of zenitude. The very aesthetic shape of this mug also has a practical function since it makes it easier to hold your coffee. Equipped with a double porcelain wall, this mug keeps the right temperature longer. Finally its integrated filter holder makes invaluable services for those who lack caffeine at any time.

Kahla, a touch of Touch!

Kahla This German porcelain manufacturer has imagined a series of dishes that appeal to the sense of touch. The porcelains are indeed dressed in velvet. A surprising tactile effect which in addition does not require any special precautions since this crockery can still be washed in the dishwasher and in the microwave.

Kinto, slow coffee style

Kinto We know the Japanese mastery for tea preparation, we expected less for coffee. With Kinto, the style is slow coffee, understand the slow coffee for which we take as much pleasure in the preparation as in the tasting. The corresponding product line is made up of simple objects that give the impression that coffee is the new tea in the land of the Rising Sun.

Bodum in colors

Bodum For its 70th anniversary, Bodum is reissuing its iconic products with playful colors. A way of saying that the brand remains young in its head despite its venerable age and a way of serving coffee as a festive event. This limited series is available in Monoprix stores.

Kikkerland, duplication

Kikkerland Until you have had your coffee in the morning, the risk of domestic disturbances is enormous. We can cite for example the wrong dosage or the unfortunate fall of the ground package, misfortunes likely to put us directly back to bed. Suddenly we applaud with both hands the spoon of Kikkerland which allows both to dose and close his coffee.

Ossidiana, the Italian coffee maker revisited by Alessi

Alessi Which student did not have an Italian coffee maker to keep him company in his studio on revision evenings? Imagine that today the mocha coffee maker has climbed the ladder to become an object of lust. The fault to Alessi who called on an Italian architect for a successful facelift. Will it become as famous as Conica?